Links 4/23/21

Links for you. Science:

US dentists prescribe twice as many antibiotics as dentists in Australia
Scientists haven’t figured out long Covid. Here are 5 of their best hypotheses.
Previous COVID-19 may cut risk of reinfection 84%
Scientists send 1000s of pairs of underwear to volunteers, who will bury them in their backyards (could sequence the Underpants-ome. Think South Park…)
This is the most dangerous moment to be unvaccinated


I Have a Message for Andrew Cuomo’s Top Donors: Cut Your Ties Now
How the Tiny Kingdom of Bhutan Out-Vaccinated Most of the World
Remembering Walter Mondale
The Repressive Politics of Emotional Intelligence
They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines—and Started a Cold War
D.C. Council to take first vote on block-by-block plan for future development
Mads Mikkelsen Known for playing villains in the U.S. and more nuanced roles in Denmark, he takes everything and nothing seriously.
GOP arguments against DC statehood get a little worse
A Tradition of Violence: The History of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (long, but holy shit)
There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing
Post-riot effort to tackle extremism in the military largely overlooks veterans
What Police Impunity Looks Like: “There Was No Discipline as No Wrongdoing Was Found”
Judge orders L.A. city and county to offer shelter to everyone on skid row by fall
Competition Heats Up in the Melting Arctic, and the US Isn’t Prepared to Counter Russia
Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud (it’s Charles Sykes, who’s in part responsible for our current shitstorm, but he’s not wrong)
Downtown D.C. was emptying before the pandemic. How it recovers will shape the nation’s capital.
Federal turf wars over coronavirus rescues created ‘health and safety issues,’ watchdog concludes
No One Told Me Being Middle Class Meant Wearing My Retainer Forever
There are hundreds of posts about plans to attack the Capitol. Why hasn’t this evidence been used in court?
New York Times drives Both Sides journalism off the cliff
Inside a Long, Messy Year of Reopening Schools: Teachers unions were accused of being obstinate and compromising education. The real story is a lot more complex.

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