Links 4/20/21

Links for you. Science:

How Many People Have Had COVID-19?
Humans solve problems by adding complexity, even when it’s against our best interests
U.S. to spend $1.7 billion to detect, monitor coronavirus variants
Biden administration removes Trump-era restrictions on fetal tissue research
Biden wants $6.5 billion for new health agency to speed treatments


“Mayor Bowser Announces At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits Now Available” (3-5 day turnaround time though…)
The Speculator
Don’t Tell Me What To Do, Mom
Doug Ford must resign
Offering twice-weekly Covid tests is futile without proper support for self-isolators
Many veterans don’t trust coronavirus vaccines. For a VA crew in the rural West, that means changing minds, one by one.
These Native American women are reclaiming a ‘stolen’ part of their identity: Their language
US-made guns are ripping Central America apart and driving migration north
100 Days Without Trump on Twitter: A Nation Scrolls More Calmly
D.C. Denies ‘COVID-Immune Section’ For Fully Vaccinated Parishioners At Capitol Hill Baptist Church
Biden Inherits F.D.R.’s Supreme Court Problem
Biden takes on Dems’ ‘Mission Impossible’: Revitalizing coal country
The only gun reform story that matters — GOP obstruction: It’s not about “Congress”
Top European Soccer Teams Form Breakaway League
If You Care About Social Justice, You Have to Care About Zoning
Prominent COVID conspiracy theorist dies of virus: He reportedly hid his symptoms and hosted two illegal gatherings
Return the National Parks to the Tribes
Part-time Employee (lol)
Biden Inherits F.D.R.’s Supreme Court Problem
Everyone Loves the $100 Million Deli

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