Links 4/11/21

Links for you. Science:

Where Boars Hog the Streets
Jesse Singal Got More Wrong Than He Thinks
‘Has everyone in Kent gone to an illegal rave?’: on the variant trail with the Covid detectives
That Night 46 Million Grasshoppers Went to Vegas
EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump


We’re at the Beginning of the End of Covid-19. Now What?
The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is.
Are Virginia Democrats Running Progressive Challengers Out of the 2021 Primary?
Michigan is fighting both a spike in COVID-19 cases, and a continued resistance to effective action
How the Supreme Court Gave Cops a License to Kill
In crime-battered Baltimore, a halt to some drug and prostitution prosecutions is causing fresh anxiety
The Military Says It’s Confronting Extremism. A Prominent White Nationalist Just Finished Boot Camp.
Baseball Says No to Jim Crow 2.0
Amazon’s union vote could be a harbinger for the future of work
Michigan Shows Why Managing The COVID-19 Endgame Is So Hard
Boston Public Garden used to have baby alligators — yes, alligators — and people fed them rodents
How do the immigrants who run Fox feel about Tucker Carlson’s anti-immigrant rants?
The Future of Masking
Fox News flop — where’s the anti-Biden Tea Party?

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