Links 4/10/21

Links for you. Science:

Let Us Now Praise Tiny Ants: Even in the densest human habitations, there are orders of magnitude more ants than there are of us, doing the hard work of making our crumbs disappear.
Many Children With Serious Inflammatory Syndrome Had No Covid Symptoms
Novel HIV vaccine approach shows promise in “landmark” first-in-human trial
Massive collapse of Atlantic cod didn’t leave evolutionary scars
With ‘smoke ring’ technology, fusion startup marks steady progress


Blowout in Bessemer: A Postmortem on the Amazon Campaign
A Year in the Life of Safeway 1048
Likely Legal, ‘Vaccine Passports’ Emerge as the Next Coronavirus Divide
As some insurrectionists eye plea bargains, others are doubling down on claims of patriotism
Four Ways of Looking at the Radicalism of Joe Biden
Florida shopper who coughed on a cancer patient is sentenced. Judge wasn’t sympathetic
OSHA’s Failures
Tucker Carlson, the face of Fox News, just gave his full endorsement to the white nationalist conspiracy theory that has motivated mass shootings
Republicans Are Poised to Gerrymander Their Way Back to the Majority. But only if Democrats stand aside and let them.
Maggie Haberman, and when Trump access no longer matters
The strange journey of ‘cancel,’ from a Black-culture punchline to a White-grievance watchword
William F. Buckley and the Birchers: A myth, a history lesson and a moral
Sinema Tweets Support Of HR1 While Also Upholding Main Obstacle To Its Passage (Sinema is a narcissist, just without sociopathic tendencies)
In Michigan, women hold power. Not everyone seems comfortable with that.
The GOP Destroyed Its Brand. Joe Manchin Wants Dems To Follow Suit.

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