Links 4/9/21

Links for you. Science:

CDC Director on reports of clusters of cases associated with daycares and youth sports
Escaping Catch-22 — Overcoming Covid Vaccine Hesitancy
NIH is Documenting COVID-19 as Well as Responding to It
Antibody evasion by the P.1 strain of SARS-CoV-2
Kati Kariko Helped Shield the World From the Coronavirus (give her a Nobel Prize)


The toxic elitism of declaring voters to be unworthy of the task
Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show (never forget, never forgive them)
D.C. to begin offering vaccine appointments to all adults on April 12, ‘earlier than planned’
Goodbye to Gate 35X, cursed portal to the rest of America
The guy driving the Suez Canal excavator says he got by on 3 hours of sleep a night and hasn’t been paid his overtime yet
Why the Right Doesn’t Have to Make Sense
What Exactly Is Donald Trump Upset About Here?
Republicans are trying to distract us from their goal of disenfranchisement
The Peace Born of the Good Friday Agreement Is Tottering on a Cliff
Joe Manchin Says the Filibuster (Which Is Currently in Place) Fosters Bipartisanship (Which Is Not). The burden of proof is on the West Virginia senator to explain how trying the same thing over and over again isn’t insanity. (never forget that Manchin is an ideologue)
Justice Stephen Breyer should retire from the Supreme Court
We need to start thinking bigger on our gun problem
After Pandemic, Shrinking Need for Office Space Could Crush Landlords
Have White Evangelicals Finally Lost Control of the Narrative?
Bowser Cancels Weekly Conference Call with D.C. Council
“How’s working from home going? Been up to much?”
A To-Do List for Robert Contee as He Prepares to Take the Helm of MPD

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