Most Schools Still Should Not Be Open Based on the CDC Criteria

Then again, we’ve never seriously used COVID-19 prevalence statistics to tighten restrictions, so why would we start now? As of yesterday, using the CDC criteria of 50 new cases per week per 100,000 people and a percent positive rate less than eight percent (which is still too permissive), only 946/3472 counties should have schools at ‘normal-ish.’ If we drop the percent positive threshold to five percent, only 838/3472 should have schools at normalish.

If we look entire states, only California, Hawaii, and Arkansas meet the CDC thresholds.

I bring this up because, had we followed the CDC guidelines in their entirety, we wouldn’t have opened so many things in March, if we were seriously about returning students to school in a way that was safe for students, teachers, and the larger community.

But we were never serious. I’m not even sure why we collect prevalence statistics if we’re not going to use them.

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