Links 3/30/31

Links for you. Science:

Interim Estimates of Vaccine Effectiveness of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccines in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Health Care Personnel, First Responders, and Other Essential and Frontline Workers — Eight U.S. Locations, December 2020–March 2021
Bear cubs in California are developing an unexplained illness that makes them friendly and not afraid of people
Former CDC chief says “most likely” cause of coronavirus is that it “escaped” from a lab
Biden administration revives EPA Web page on climate change deleted by Trump
SF poop-testing startup, once compared to Theranos, charged in $60M fraud scheme


What Happens When Investment Firms Acquire Trailer Parks
Inside the Koch-Backed Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century
We’re Number One? The U.S. Is More Like Number 19 These Days.
After spring break, coronavirus cases appear to surge in young Floridians
Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine
Ponzis Go Boom!!!
The Power of Political Disinformation in Iowa
Five myths about poverty
Biden Doesn’t Need to Be FDR or LBJ to Change America
Art in motion – Paris
Tuesday Morning (yes, schools are a factor)
The Republican Party Is Driving the Nation’s Democratic Decline
The minimum wage would be $44 an hour if it had grown at the same rate as Wall Street bonuses
Inside DC’s Pandemic-Fueled Real Estate Boom
National Building Museum Announces April 9 Reopening (this makes me angry–there’s no way the prevalence will be low enough in ten days for this to be safe, though as spaces go, it’s probably better than some)
What Can You Do Once You’re Vaccinated?
Prince Harry’s New Fake Mental Health Care Job Is a Farce
Health-Care Workers Are Bragging on TikTok About Forging Vax Cards
Godzilla vs. Kong: A Functional Morphologist Uses Science to Pick a Winner
Older women lag older men in COVID vaccination rates, new polling says

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