Links 3/20/21

Links for you. Science:

How Vaccines Might Improve Long Covid
Most viruses around us are benign; some are even lifesaving
Treatment for COVID-19 is better than a year ago, but it still has a long way to go
What Happens to Your Mental Health When You Can’t Pay Your Rent? Research suggests that increasing the minimum wage could help lower suicide rates.
Oxford/AstraZeneca Fails to Prevent Mild to Moderate Covid-19 From B.1.351 (“South Africa”) Variant


The Gen X Culture Warriors Who Never Grew Up: How the 1990s created a group of thinkers obsessed with cancel culture
The coronavirus killed the gospel of small government
Joe Biden’s covid-19 relief bill is an extraordinary achievement
Inside ‘The Firm’: How The Royal Family’s $28 Billion Money Machine Really Works
The lynching that Black Chattanooga never forgot takes center stage downtown
The Heiress, the Queen, and the Trillion-Dollar Tax Shelter
The Republican revolt against democracy, explained in 13 charts
61 percent of Arizonans say passing major bills is more important than keeping the filibuster. Most of Arizona’s likely voters are open to rules changes in the Senate — despite Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s objections.
House Democrats end controversial consultant ban. In a nod to liberals, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will no longer banish consultants who work for primary challengers.
McConnell’s Warning of a ‘Scorched-Earth’ Senate Is an Empty Threat
The Pandemic Is Ending: In millions of small ways, every day. How long it takes is up to us.
Glenn Greenwald excited by Tucker Carlson’s National Socialism (Sorelians, man…)
Georgia Sheriff Spokesman Posted Racist COVID Shirts on Facebook (and was a former Blackwater mercenary. Shocking…)
Allan McDonald Dies at 83; Tried to Stop the Challenger Launch
The Biden Agenda Doesn’t Run Through Washington
Disgraced ex-senator charged with conspiracy in suspected Florida election fraud
Democrats Are Feasting on Dark Money, But They’re Also the Ones Vowing to Fix It
Even as a Connoiseur of Wingnut-Speak, I Didn’t Expect This
Cancel Culture, Cancelled
A doctor dreams of moving to Canada

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1 Response to Links 3/20/21

  1. hipparchia says:

    national socialism isn’t “the left,” not even the sorelian left. and glenn greenwald is a libertarian, not a leftist. and while “libertarian” is a leftist (anarchist-related) identification in other parts of the world, in the us it’s a koch-backed appropriation of the word for their very rightwing “make the rich richer” movement.

    and yes, large numbers of workers the world over believe in worker organizing, strikes, ridding the world of capitalists and governments alike, and even going so far as to form their own military/paramilitary organizations; ANYTHING except political participation. this isn’t new.

    i’m fully a political animal, and don’t readily relate to these views, but they’re reasonably prevalent.

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