Links 3/7/21

Links for you. Science:

Brazil’s ‘Upside-Down’ Forest Is Facing Devastating Destruction
Is more simply better? Why Pfizer thinks a booster of its Covid vaccine might work against new variants
This complex microbial warfare is taking place in a single drop of water
Why Opening Windows Is a Key to Reopening Schools
People Who Have Had Covid Should Get Single Vaccine Dose, Studies Suggest


The Useful Idiot: Why We’re Not Done With Trump Yet
‘They got back to us’: How one school built trust and got reluctant parents to return
New York Times Columnist David Brooks Blogged For Facebook’s Corporate Site
How Does the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Compare to Other Coronavirus Vaccines? 4 Questions Answered
Andrew Cuomo Is Finished
Not One Republican Asked Deb Haaland About Her Vision For Indian Country
Debra Haaland as interior secretary — a champion for the land
Here’s Why Conservatives Are Always Saying The Name Of The Democratic Party Wrong
Bernie Sanders wants you to know the high cost of our low minimum wage
What the Neera Tanden affair reveals about the Washington DC swamp
Resign, Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo’s Bullying Has Finally Caught Up To Him
Now Ted Cruz may be buying his own books through a mystery company (seems to be a time-honored Texan tradition!)
The designer behind one of the iPad’s biggest apps is calling for an end to minimalism
Joe Biden says his hands are tied on a $15 minimum wage. That’s not true
Teachers Unions Aren’t the Obstacle to Reopening Schools
Trump Was Bored By His Own Speech Until He Got to the Revenge List
Sputtering GOP opposition has given Democrats a big opening. Will they take it?
Trump’s Delusional Attacks on H.R. 1 Show How Important This Bill Is
Fencing Comes Down At St. John’s Church, Lafayette Park, After Nearly Nine Months (now liberate Lafayette Square)
Republicans Are Trying to Kill What’s Left of the Voting Rights Act

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  1. beb says:

    On re-opening schools by opening windows, for a lot of modern schools the only way to open a window is with a brick. They were not designed to open.

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