Links 3/3/21

Links for you. Science:

Transparent wood is coming, and it could make an energy-efficient alternative to glass
Life of a scientist: grant-writing edition.
Fast-spreading UK variant detected in wastewater samples throughout Missouri
A fast, scalable, MinHash-based k-mer tool to assess Sequence Read Archive next generation sequence submissions
Microbiome Metadata Standards: Report of the National Microbiome Data Collaborative’s Workshop and Follow-On Activities


Sanders ‘Confident’ $15 Minimum Wage Possible Through Senate Reconciliation
The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power
She Lived For Years Under The I-295 Overpass. Now, Neighbors And Family Mourn Angela Hill
Trump picked the youngest judges to sit on the federal bench. Your move, Biden.
Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal
Texas Democrats issue report on 2020 elections
Federal agency to revise design for Union Station overhaul, criticized for being too focused on cars
U.S. cities segregated not just by where people live, but where they travel daily
Resign, Andrew Cuomo
‘Dear Colleague’: Biden Throws Trump Under the Bus and Supports Transit Funding, Gateway
America’s Churches Are Now Polarized, Too
Biden Stays Clear Of Endorsing Union Effort At Alabama Amazon Warehouse: Progressives want to hear Biden declare his support for one of the most significant organizing campaigns in years.
Law professor who patrolled as a D.C. street cop says police have ‘impossible job’
With Trump gone, CNN pulls the plug on White House press briefings
The Government Needs to Find Big Tech a New Business Model
The Child Benefit Plan in the COVID Relief Bill Could Be a ‘Foundational’ Piece of the American Safety Net
Bill Would Require Montgomery County To Clear Snow Off Of Sidewalks Along Some Busy Roads
Can the Commercial Real Estate Market Hint at the Future of D.C. Dining? (seems optimistic about local businesses and rents)
Joe Manchin poses a threat to raising the minimum wage, even though 250,000 West Virginians would benefit from the increase
Who cares about the Ivy League? Too much of our education discourse focuses on a handful of tiny elite schools.
Rescue Beaver Instinctively Dams Doorways With Household Objects

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