Links 2/28/21

Links for you. Science:

Why Do We Even Have Dogs?
Uruk and the Emergence of Civilization
NASA Is Up to Its Usual Next-Level Sh*t: Throwing a dart 128 million miles and hitting the bullseye is really worth celebrating.
Loss of Taste and Smell as Distinguishing Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
Seagrass Is A Vital Weapon Against Climate Change, But We’re Killing It


The Life and Death of a Woman-Hater: Rush Limbaugh made the G.O.P. the party of misogyny. (excellent)
What Joe Biden Gets Totally Wrong About Student Debt: The president’s resistance to canceling $50,000 in student debt is not about law or policy but about craven, misguided politics.
What Popular Culture Misunderstands About Addiction
Tracking QAnon: how Trump turned conspiracy-theory research upside down
Altercation: Limbaugh, and Associated Outrages
Calls to Disqualify Trump Using the 14th Amendment Grow Louder
D.C.’s 911 center saw a spike in suspicious-activity calls after Capitol riot: In Adams Morgan, residents debated whether a man in a parked truck was planning an attack or was being profiled by them. (when wingnuts get profiled)
A U.S. Vaccine Surge Is Coming, With Millions of Doses Promised
The Trumpers Among Us
Pete Ricketts Would Be Fired If He Were A CEO
Gov. Polis won’t allow Denver mayor to vaccinate homeless residents ahead of schedule (Polis is a Democrat–this is what I mean about eighty percent of elected officials should not be re-elected)
Rush Limbaugh, Who Should Have Stayed Jeff Christie
The Politics of a Second Gilded Age (interesting, don’t agree with some of it)
How the Rich Can Escape America’s Unreliable Power Grid
Student Debt and Young America
Georgia Republicans Are Doubling Down on Racist Voter Suppression
It’s time to kill the Iowa caucuses, if Democrats want to win at the state level again
Yeah, the Diet Cokes and Junk Food. But This Look at Trump’s Hotel Is All About Influence-Peddling.
Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says
Why Did Mark Cuban Fold? The controversy over the anthem shows, yet again, that there is nothing “united” about these United States.
Republicans Offer Preview of Brutal Climate Policies in Texas

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