Links 2/25/21

Links for you. Science:

This hydrogen paste has a similar range to that of gasoline and could revolutionize the transport industry
Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and the Coronavirus Vaccines
Densely sampled viral trajectories suggest longer duration of acute infection with B.1.1.7 variant relative to non-B.1.1.7 SARS-CoV-2
Brief thread to debunk the repeated claims we hear about transmission not happening ‘within school walls’, infection in school children being ‘a reflection of infection from the community’, and ‘primary school children less likely to get infected and contribute to transmission’.
White House Announces Expanded COVID-19 Testing, Manufacturing And Virus Sequencing


Ted Cruz In Cancun (important)
From Limbaugh to Trump: A historian of the right wing explains Rush’s real legacy
Photographers’ epic quest: Take a photo of every single building on 16th Street NW
‘There’s No Natural Dignity in Work’
Who’s getting cancelled now? Meet the original architects of Cancel Culture.
It might just be game over for the Iowa caucus (D.C. should be the first primary. Seriously)
The pandemic has put Baker in a novel spot
Republicans use Trump’s sadistic playbook in the face of the Texas crisis
We’ve been cooped up with our families for almost a year. This is the result. What the data says about forced togetherness amid a pandemic
Who Was I Before This Pandemic – And Who Am I Now?
A ‘bipartisan’ commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection is planned. It’s not likely to work
Why the Democrats Tied Themselves in Knots During Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial
Checkmate: On the Democrats’ muddled stimulus strategy
Rush Limbaugh sold listeners a false reality — and we’re all still paying for it
Blame Texas Exceptionalism For This Crisis, Not Green Energy
It’s time to bury the myth of Texas exceptionalism
Green energy companies encouraged to sue Tucker Carlson over lie that Texas power grid is ‘totally reliant on windmills’ (worked for Peter Thiel…)
A fitting tribute
Joe Biden Should Be Made to Fear Social Movements
Rush Limbaugh captivated dads like mine and created America’s modern fascist aesthetic: Limbaugh co-opted rock-and-roll to sell authoritarianism (“…he is the godfather of what could be legitimately called the modern American fascist aesthetic. The aesthetic borrows heavily from the creativity of adventurous, urbane, progressive people, but is remade into the expression of angry white men who are fueled by the loathing of the very people they rip off.”)

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