500,000 Dead: Rage Is the Appropriate Emotion

Yesterday, President Biden led a moment of silence for the 500,000 dead from COVID-19. Throughout this godawful shitty mess, I keep hearing about pandemic fatigue. But I haven’t experienced fatigue. Yes, the restrictions are not enjoyable, to say the least, but I come from a long line of short, stubborn Jews, so I can handle it (to use a phrase completely out of context, shver tsu zayn a yid).

But what I have felt throughout this is a constant, simmering rage. There has been so much needless death and suffering, and this is not tragic. Tragedy is when good people make a, well, tragic mistake. But this was a never-ending cavalcade of people, often the worst of us, who willfully made mistake after mistake. We could have done things to lessen the American Carnage, yet too many of us chose not to do so. It wasn’t going to be good–there’s no silver lining to a pandemic–but it didn’t have to be like this. It didn’t have to be this horrible.

We always have been four to eight weeks away from containment, yet most of those who purport to govern us decided that we would continue to remain four to eight weeks away from containment. There is no balm in Gilead to heal those sin-sick souls.

So I’m not fatigued. I’m not tired. I’m too fucking angry to be tired or fatigued.

And, as is usual in 21st century America, most of those who failed us will suffer no consequences. This was not an act of nature, it was an injustice, and we will find no justice, and so we will find no peace. Deliberate forgetfulness or denial perhaps, but no peace.

Rage is still the appropriate emotion.

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2 Responses to 500,000 Dead: Rage Is the Appropriate Emotion

  1. Rage, if you wish. But pick your target. The politicians have done neither more nor less nor other than what their constituents have demanded of them; and they have never been told that their job description is anything other. These things are not as they should be, and they are not excuses. But your rage (or whatever) needs to be directed at the constituents.

  2. Rick says:


    But also.

    I did have some idealistic concept that despite the last four decades of decline, when a deadly pandemic threatened everybody there would be some sort of coherent response from the government and the people. So much for that innocence.

    Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s only “them” (in my cohort, that would be right wing people) wherein the problem lies.

    Oh, and it hasn’t been easy being a faggot, either, especially for those of us who are of A Certain Age. Though it has given us experience with a deadly pandemic (now unfortunately endemic) disease that was willfully ignored and mishandled by our institutions.

    Please let us know if you see some useful way to use our rage.

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