Links 2/21/21

Links for you. Science:

POLITICAL VIOLENCE, RISK AVERSION, AND NON-LOCALIZED DISEASE SPREAD: EVIDENCE FROM THE U.S. CAPITOL RIOT (“…we find no evidence that the Capitol Riot substantially increased community spread of COVID-19 in the District of Columbia in the month-long period following the event. This may be due to increases in social distancing and a “virtual lockdown” of the Capitol prior to the inauguration of the new president. However… we find that counties with the highest protester inflows experienced a significant increase in the rate of daily cumulative COVID-19 case growth in the month following the protest. We conclude that the Capitol Riot may have contributed to non-localized COVID-19 spread.”)
Genomic sequencing in pandemics
Speeding Ships Kill Too Many Whales
Why Phoenix may be uninhabitable by the end of this century
Study suggests the Tasmanian tiger survived into the 21st century


“A Huge Potential for Chaos”: How the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Was Hobbled by Turf Wars and Magical Thinking. Inside the Trump administration, sensible ideas for how to manage a massive, unprecedented distribution of vaccinations were no match for bureaucratic knife fighting, gung ho hubris, and a knee-jerk aversion to strong federal action. (Republicans suck at governing)
They thought they’d be near the front of the line for the vaccine. Now, they don’t know where they stand. (the disabled)
National Guard Troops Might Not Leave D.C. Until The Fall
Washington Post editor finally admits Trump should’ve been called a “liar”
It’s Not A Waitlist: D.C. Plans New COVID-19 Vaccine Sign-Up For March
‘Fire DeJoy Before He Burns Down USPS’: Postmaster General Pushes Plan for Slower Mail, Higher Prices
The Faircloth Amendment, explained
What’s Behind D.C.’s Gentrification Ranking Drop? One Lawyer Suggests Development Appeals Contributed. (it’s somewhat confused about terms and processes, but the key thing is that there is an unmet low-income housing crisis)
Biden admin reportedly planning to undo Trump admin’s politicized version of naturalization test
Ultimately, Donald Trump Beat the System. Again.
Texas storm shows what it looks like to have a president of all the United States
Scientists May Solve Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance With a Nuclear Reactor (or not. Still interesting though)
GOP governor Kristi Noem, potential Trump successor, used state aircraft for tens of thousands of dollars in political travel
A Powerful Conservative Coalition Is Fueling The State-Level Push To Hamper COVID-19 Restrictions (ALEC is horrible, worse than the NRA)
“A moment of moral and political nihilism”: Theologian Adam Kotsko on our current crisis
How the United States Lost to Hackers: America’s biggest vulnerability in cyberwarfare is hubris.
The “For the People Act” Would Make the U.S. a Democracy
Our Terrorists Are an Arm of the GOP. Will Biden Say It? Dick Morris (of all people) urged Bill Clinton to be explicit about the link between the GOP and domestic extremists. Clinton did not follow the advice, but now Joe Biden must.
GOP congressman pitches $34 billion plan to breach Lower Snake River dams in new vision for Northwest
Health care workers replaced Denver cops in handling hundreds of mental health and substance abuse cases — and officials say it saved lives
Vice President Kamala Harris could kill the filibuster herself

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  1. ronzie says:

    re the For the People Act: “The bill would also require states to allow a minimum of two weeks of early voting, for a minimum of 10 hours a day.” I hope they’re going to be more specific than that. Otherwise, republican controlled states will set early voting hours to 10pm-8am, or whatever hours they believe would most inconvenience the “wrong sort” of people from voting.

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