Links 2/15/21

Links for you. Science:

When the Electric Car Is King, Less Energy Is More
What Could Happen If You Miss Your Second Covid-19 Vaccine Dose?
With All Eyes on Covid-19, Drug-Resistant Infections Crept In
Northwest’s Salmon Population May Be Running Out of Time
This wildlife vet tracks deadly microbes in the African jungle. Now, he’s on the trail of COVID-19


199 House Republicans have embraced anti-Semitism and violence
An antidemocratic insurgency takes shape: Old ideological lines vanish as QAnon, militias meld
After Capitol riot, desperate families turn to groups that ‘deprogram’ extremists
“This is for you, Dad”: Interview with an Anonymous GameStop Investor
Trump left behind a damaged government. Here’s what Biden faces as he rebuilds it.
Raising the minimum wage isn’t just about money—it’s about mental health, workers say
Would Trump Have Won if Not for Impeachment? A Pro-Trump Journalist Thinks So.
A reporter shares her minute-by-minute recollection of being trapped in the Senate on Jan. 6
His Biz Is Shunned, She Resigned, and Everyone Is Being Sued: What Became of Trump’s Election Dead-Enders (womp womp)
Spending Was The Problem
Goldman Is Evil But McKinsey Is Worse
Parisians want to recover a legendary river now buried under concrete
‘Unbelievable,’ Says Sanders, That Some Dems Want to Further Limit Eligibility for Covid-19 Relief Checks
Kagan Warns the Supreme Court’s New COVID Decision May Kill People
West Virginia Has Everyone’s Attention. What Does It Really Need? With the right federal response, it could become a model of renewal for other places around the country that prosperity has left behind.
Don’t blame a lack of education — QAnon proves privileged white people are losing their minds too
Did Jesus Have a Twin?
South Africa halts rollout of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine after shot falters against variant
The Coup & The Military-Christian Nationalist Industrial Complex. The retired military played an outsized role in Trump’s coup attempt. And Christian nationalism and dominionism played an outsized role in preparing them for it. Warnings go back more than 15 years.
The incredibly smart politics of the Democrats’ $3,600 child credit
I Want to Watch All the Accomplices and Enablers Squirm Before Congressional Committees

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