Links 2/9/21

Links for you. Science:

Genomics Reveals the Origins of Historical Specimens
Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in First Responders and Public Safety Personnel, New York City, New York, USA, May–July 2020
Genomic Drivers of Multidrug-Resistant Shigella Affecting Vulnerable Patient Populations in the United States and Abroad
A Quarter of Known Bee Species Haven’t Been Seen Since 1990
The Hard Lessons of Modeling the Coronavirus Pandemic


‘The Capitol Insurrection Was as Christian Nationalist as It Gets.’
With Greene ultimatum, Democrats force Republicans to decide whether they want to be the QAnon party
Please, Joe Manchin, use your powers for good!
“We’ve Let the Worst Happen”: Reflecting on 400,000 Dead
Where Trumpism Lives
Rep. Matt Gaetz Staffer Cheered On Capitol Rioters Via Parler as They Overran Police
The Bipartisanship Trap: A group of Republican senators has offered up a meager Covid relief plan that is deeply unserious.
Biden’s first days in office were way better than I expected: I have no doubt that Biden will deeply disappoint me. That day is not today.
The danger of right-wing mobs is real. Fencing at the U.S. Capitol won’t help.
The GOP once knew what to do about problems like Marjorie Taylor Greene
Key Takeaways From the Council’s Roundtable on D.C.’s Vaccination Rollout
Why the G.O.P. Argument Against Trying Trump Is So Dangerous
The Economy Does Much Better Under Democrats. Why?
Are Democrats really worried about a Trump trial? Here’s an answer.
The Ridiculous ‘Free Speech’ Defense of Trump: A lot more went into the January 6 insurrection than a few bad tweets.
Trump pollster’s campaign autopsy paints damning picture of defeat (people don’t vote for assholes they don’t like)
Poor handling of virus cost Trump his reelection, campaign autopsy finds
From Mayor Pete to Secretary Buttigieg: Appearances hint at expansive role for next transportation chief
It’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Party Now: She embarrasses some Republicans, but she’s no outlier.
Trump wants a library. He must never have one.
If the GOP is to rise from the ashes, it has to burn first (this is run of the mill rhetoric for…Eugene Robinson?)

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