Links 2/4/21

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus variant first seen in South Africa identified in South Carolina
J&J 1-dose shot prevents COVID-19, but less than some others
Worrisome New Coronavirus Strains Are Emerging. Why Now?
Coronavirus variants: What they do and how worried you should be
‘I was lucky to find this vaccine anywhere’: Stanley Plotkin, legendary vaccinologist, on the historic development and chaotic distribution of covid-19 vaccines


I Like A Politician Who Tells It Like It Is
Out of the Barrel of a Gun
Bipartisanship Is Dumb
The Pandemic Explained In Three Charts (study here; this ignores, however, the briefing by D.C. from Dec. 10, 2020–behavior is an issue)
Most nursing home workers don’t want the vaccine. Here’s what facilities are doing about it.
The Coronavirus Vaccine Fail and International Elites
Should President Biden Revoke Section 230?
Where surveillance cameras work, but the justice system doesn’t
Think US Evangelicals Are Dying Out? Well, Define Evangelicalism …
N.Y. Severely Undercounted Virus Deaths in Nursing Homes, Report Says
The GameStop Craziness Pulls Back the Curtain on the Stock Market
GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser
Acting Capitol Police Chief Calls For Permanent Perimeter Fencing (bullshit)
A Bold Proposal to Ease Child Poverty Is the Essence of Bidenomics
German officials say AstraZeneca vaccine shouldn’t be given to over-65s, citing lack of data
“I Pretty Much Immediately Discovered How Bad American Health Care Was”
Black D.C. Residents Say They Want The COVID-19 Vaccine. But The Barriers To Access Are Many
Biden’s Early Climate Blitz Goes Faster, Further Than Expected
The Third-World Flavor of America’s Love Affair with the Military
AOC rejects Cruz support over Wall Street chaos: ‘You almost had me murdered’
More than FIFTY Orthodox Jewish weddings with up to 300 guests have been illegally held in London during third lockdown, investigation claims

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