Links 1/15/21

Links for you. Science:

S.F. Millennial was fit and healthy before COVID-19. He’s a disabled ‘long-hauler’ now
Pikas Are Adapting to Climate Change Remarkably Well, Contrary to Many Predictions
I’ve received several DMs from friends asking what do to about parents/family members who believe misinformation regarding the election, vaccines and COVID. Here’s a research-based thread to help explain the roots of these beliefs and how to (and how *not* to) address them.
Instead of debating ‘first-shot’ vs. ‘set-aside’ vaccine approaches, hospitals’ study should compare them
Solar-powered barge could take oyster farming deeper into Chesapeake


The case for D.C. statehood, more urgent than ever
For some Republicans, it’s time to head for the exit
This is the America that Black people know
Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry tied to group that summoned ‘patriots’ to Capitol to ‘stop the steal’
Going spelunking with Washington’s blue-blooded ‘cave-dwellers’
The riot happened because the Senate acquitted Trump
Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader
Remove Trump. Do it now. He’s too dangerous to keep around another two weeks.
This Reuters photo is incredible.
The New Progressive Left Shows How to Deal With Sedition
Banish Trump and His Co-Conspirators—Forever
Kid glove treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say
This Isn’t an Insurrection. It’s an Alliance.
DC Lawmakers Were Briefed That Trump Might Go To Extremes: Concerned the president might invoke the Insurrection Act to commandeer the city police, DC council members never expected an assault on the Capitol itself.
Resign, Senator Cruz. Your lies cost lives.
‘It Was No Accident’: Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on surviving the siege.
Ron Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany should resign or be expelled for siding with Trump against our republic
‘Find the fraud’: Trump pressured a Georgia elections investigator in a separate call legal experts say could amount to obstruction
After The Sacred Landslide
Ocasio-Cortez suggests invoking a constitutional clause to expel lawmakers who tried to subvert the election.
Remember how people were dunking on Parler for being built on WordPress? Well, through a plug-in exploit, literally all the user data (including photos of verified state id cards) has been retrieved by hackers and is being posted online.

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