Impeach Him. Impeach Him Now.

I have no idea if the Democratic Wimp Caucus will let this happen, but Trump should be impeached for fomenting insurrection. If nothing else, it would prevent him from being able to run again. It also would force Republicans to go on the record as to today’s events. In addition, the House should vote to remove every House member who supported the electoral challenges–there need to be consequences. I would encourage you to contact your congressional delegations to make this happen, as well as to have a full investigation as to how the Capitol Police failed so miserably.

I, however, can not contact my congressional delegation and ask them to vote.

This D.C. native and resident would like to note that, along with 700,000 plus of my fellow territorial residents, we were forced to abide by a curfew to protect a Congress in which we have no voting representation, while at the same time, later last night, our police force was asked to assist in protecting the interior of the Congress. This is particularly galling since one argument against D.C. statehood has been that a state of D.C. could cut off the capital and pressure it. D.C. had to wait hours to mobilize our National Guard since only the president can authorize the use of our Guard–though, disturbingly, it seems the Guard eventually was mobilized on the orders of the Vice President, who does not have that constitutional authority.

This is a disgrace and national humiliation. Impeach him. Impeach him now.

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2 Responses to Impeach Him. Impeach Him Now.

  1. Physicalist says:

    Ab-so-fuckin-lutley. Wrote to my representative yesterday. (Are their voice mailboxes always full? Or is it a sign of their being overwhelmed by calls that day?)

  2. Minstrel Michael says:

    Just looked up Brazil, a country I used to visit a lot, which also has a “distrito federal” for its capital city Brasilia. And it turns out three senators represent the capital, just like every (other) state.

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