Links 12/21/20

Links for you. Science:

Three-quarters attack rate of SARS-CoV-2 in the Brazilian Amazon during a largely unmitigated epidemic
Why An ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Approach Is Needed For Climate Change
Healthcare workers caught COVID-19 in Victoria in their thousands, so what went wrong?
What the Chaos in Hospitals Is Doing to Doctors. Politicians’ refusal to admit when hospitals are overwhelmed puts a terrible burden on health-care providers. (good piece about bioethics)
Giant black vultures besiege a small Pa. town. Killing them is illegal. Now what?


Republicans Are Fighting Hard to Bankrupt States (they are anti-government radicals)
History Walks With Deb Haaland to the Department of the Interior
The Washington Monument gets closed down as Interior secretary tests positive for COVID-19 (“According to sources, MacGregor—like Bernhardt—has a tendency to not wear masks when inside.” Aggressively stupid)
Bodycam Video Shows ‘Mob Mentality’ Of Boston Police Who Responded To George Floyd Protests, Lawyer Says
Dear Mackenzie: There’s One More Donation You Owe to the World
The wealthy scramble for COVID-19 vaccines: ‘If I donate $25,000 … would that help me?’ (this is why people say things like ‘eat the rich’)
Metrobus To Resume Front-Door Boarding, Fare Collection In January (another bad policy forced by financial desperation)
‘Transformational’: MacKenzie Scott’s gifts to HBCUs, other colleges surpass $800 million
D.C. Council explores alternatives to policing as mayor embarks on selection of new police chief
Someone Stole Mary Cheh’s Subaru (we need Council members who use mass transit BTW)
The White House’s Incompetence Is Apparently Holding Up “Millions” of COVID Vaccines
New COVID-19 Relief Bill Starves Transit — Again
Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the president’s family members and spent $617 million in reelection cash, a source tells Insider
Postal Police Officers Blame Mail Theft Increase on Decision to End Neighborhood Patrols
The Rise and Fall of the Coops
Obituary for local couple asks people to wear a mask in lieu of flowers
Wall Street has always been progressives’ ‘Big Bad.’ But a new generation in the finance industry is starting to sound more like allies than enemies.
Here’s what Trump supporters really believe about the election and his coup attempt
The timeline for Covid-19 vaccine distribution keeps slipping. Experts say it will change again
We’re Pediatricians In A Pandemic. We Shouldn’t Be Taking Care Of Your Grandparents
Liberals Can’t Memory Hole The Trump Era Like They Did With Bush

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