Links 12/19/20

Links for you. Science:

When Usually Solitary Octopuses Get Together, Odd Things Happen
On the road to herd immunity, vaccination speeds the journey
D.C. Will Study Its Sewage To Find Clues Of COVID-19 Hotspots
Temporal Shifts in Antibiotic Resistance Elements Govern Virus-Pathogen Conflicts
Misting the White House between administrations won’t kill Covid-19 — and it could be harmful, experts say


Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It.
Run-Ins With Pro-Trump Mobs After Saturday’s Rally: “I Started Getting Punched in the Face and Kicked”
Scheme to uncover fake voter fraud ends with very real violence from former Texas police officer
Former Houston police captain accused of violent attempt to prove election conspiracy was hired by GOP activist’s group
Missing the National Security Crises for the Trump Temper Tantrums
AOC: Nancy Pelosi Needs to Go, but There’s Nobody to Replace Her Yet
America Is Running Out of Nurses
Biden Taps Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary
D.C. Gym Chain Agrees To Enforce COVID-19 Precautions Following Attorney General’s Lawsuit
Meet The Steakhouse Owner Who’s Been Alleviating Hunger In D.C. Since The Pandemic Started
Biden’s Risky Peace Offering to Republicans
Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine
No Hurry
Romance authors and fans teamed up to support Georgia Democrats. Here’s the story.
What Explains the Decline of Serial Killers?
D.C. closes 5 schools as more students return to classrooms and asymptomatic testing begins
Pearl clutching is back in style as Washington pretends to be outraged over a woman cursing
Alabama’s Highest-Paid State Employee in a Pandemic Year Will Be a Fired Football Coach
What the Council Passed in Its Final Legislative Session

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  1. JimV says:

    I can’t comment at Discover on their “What Explains the Decline in Serial Killers” so I’ll comment here. A long article with various speculative hypotheses and no mention of lead? Seems like a glaring omission to me.

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