Links 11/21/20

Links for you. Science:

Bolivia’s Tsimane people’s average body temperature fell half a degree in 16 years
Unwanted guests: Stink bugs set to invade DC-area homes
349 Locals Have Helped Researchers Discover A Lot About COVID-19 Vaccine
D.C. Researchers Spent The Last Two Years Taking Photos For The Cat Census
With strong data on two Covid-19 vaccines, we have more answers about the road ahead — and questions too
One in six Texans infected with COVID-19, study estimates


Rahmbo And The Space Karen
Trump Has Appointed 2 White Nationalists To Government Roles Since Losing The Election
Joe Biden Must Not Look for Unity in Mitch McConnell’s Obstruction
We need an investigation into Lindsey Graham’s intervention in Georgia
How We Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19 By Christmas (overly optimistic, but more testing is desperately needed–defense in depth should be the strategy)
A Game Designer’s Analysis Of QAnon
My No. 1 Thanksgiving tip: Don’t gather this year
Democrats need to bring retirement back to politics
How to Save the Pandemic Generation.Canceling student debt will prevent irreversible wealth loss in younger Americans. But they’re not the only ones who would benefit.
Donald Trump and Being Deplorable
More than a third of 83 people who attended Ohio wedding test positive for Covid-19 (note that nothing illegal was done; we need tighter restrictions)
Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dance to big-ticket fundraiser who gave Trump the most money
Trump’s presidential library will be a shrine to his ego
Pfizer vaccine’s success is great news – but don’t expect life to ‘return to normal by spring’
Rapid Testing Is Less Accurate Than the Government Wants to Admit
Alaska votes to become the first state in America to adopt the ‘top-four’ primary system
America doesn’t want unity. It wants absolution without restitution
I Have Moved on From Resenting the President’s Enablers to Resenting the Enablers of His Enablers
The President Lost Handily and He Hates the Job Anyway. He Should Resign.
Ivanka Trump Was My Best Friend. Now She’s MAGA Royalty
What happened to that ‘blue wave’?
I Am Living in a Covid-Free World Just a Few Hundred Miles From Manhattan

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