Links 11/20/20

Links for you. Science:

8 Stories of People Who Recovered From Covid—and Still Deal With the Consequences
The Batteries of the Future Are Weightless and Invisible
How Bunny the dog is pushing scientists’ buttons
A nest filled with hundreds of ‘murder hornets’ was destroyed ‘just in the nick of time,’ officials say
Baraka, the zoo’s giant silverback gorilla, gets a checkup — inside and out


Metro considers buyouts to stave off 1,400 layoffs due to pandemic-created financial crisis
Gray Wolves — The Fascists Nobody Wants To Talk About
Biden Fills Economic Posts With Experts on Systemic Racism
How a Minneapolis Suburb Turned Blue, Despite Trump’s Law-and-Order Pitch
Donald Trump’s Disastrous Presidency Was A Conservative Failure (the COVID-19 response was a typical conservative failure)
Abolish the electoral college
Can Mitch McConnell do the right thing just once?
The District provides more hotel rooms for some of its most vulnerable residents during the pandemic
Why the Left Should Ally With Small Business
A covid-fighting tool is buried in your phone. Turn it on. Millions of Americans now have access to free, anonymous coronavirus exposure notifications. Too bad so few people use them. (D.C.’s version is here)
The long goodbye to Donald Trump
What You Think Is Important Isn’t, Stupid Activists
Trump May Need to Be Impeached and Removed Before Inauguration Day. The president will not stop trying to steal the election. At the very least, he will do untold damage to the country leading up to January 20.
Open The Floodgates
Covid Denialism
How a Deadly Police Force Ruled a City. After years of impunity, the police in Vallejo, California, took over the city’s politics and threatened its people.
America needs to close down. The US is losing the fight against Covid-19. The only way to win quickly is closing down.
Student-Loan Debt Is Immoral
Drawing All the Wrong Lessons From Media’s Election 2020 Failures
Our Society Is Built On Lying And Breaking Faith
House Leadership Keeps Inexplicably Rolling Along
Congrats to Everyone in the Trump Administration Who Will Face No Consequences for Their Crimes. They will never experience an ounce of retribution from the systems that have the power to hold them accountable.
The Littlest Prince: Donald Trump will leave the White House in a blaze of truthless tweets and hapless coup attempts. Did we really expect anything else?

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