Links 11/18/20

Links for you. Science:

Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t get emergency-use authorization. Public trust in vaccines is already in decline. The FDA should proceed with caution. (dunno)
From Coronavirus to a Cancer Vaccine?
Giant squid that washed ashore in South Africa is a rare glimpse of the deep-sea creature
India’s capital is battling a surge in coronavirus cases just as pollution levels spike
Surging virus cases get a shrug in many Midwestern towns (once Biden takes over, CDC needs to make a big push on cataloging the long-term effects of COVID-19 and explaining them to people)


With cases rising, is Massachusetts avoiding a lockdown because it doesn’t have to, or can’t afford to? In Europe, robust stimulus plans are softening the blow of wider lockdowns. The United States has no such backstop. (I know the answer!)
Parents Tried to Cover Up a ‘Superspreader’ Dance. Disaster Ensued. (Phelps County, MO went 69-29 Trump; no idea how to fix this)
Red state governors reject Biden on mask orders. The politicization of mask-wearing shows how difficult it will be for Joe Biden to build consensus around even basic public health strategies after he’s sworn in. (see above)
Police Unions Spent Millions To Beat Back Reform In Los Angeles. They Lost Big Time.
COVID-19 is threatening the economy. So are McConnell and the GOP
The Pandemic Winter Is Coming to New York, and It’s Going to Be Unimaginably Hard
Why so sour, Justice Alito? Your side in the Supreme Court is winning.
Determining who gets the first COVID-19 vaccines, while swaying minds of those who decline (haven’t seen anything about ensuring that the first doses are given to people who are highly likely to follow up and get the second dose)
Roman roofing. Tudor shoes. London’s mudlarks find castoff history along the Thames.
Trump’s enablers are playing a dangerous game
In Trump’s final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal
The Democrats Are Already Back on Their Bullshit
Coronavirus led D.C. area jurisdictions to make several big voting changes — and some may become permanent
Corporate Democrats are attacking so-called far-left policies.
‘We have to understand the motivation for why people hate,’ says former neo-Nazi leader
Now We Have to Fight Trump’s Tin-Pot Coup — and Biden’s Worst Instincts
John and Gisele Fetterman Are Fighting for the American Working Class
There’s a lot Biden can do for rural America. Red-state leaders should accept his help.
Democrats Keep Winning The Popular Vote. That Worries Them. What alarms many Democrats is a growing gap between their popular vote tallies and their political power.
Republicans never gave Obama a chance. I fear it’ll be the same with Biden.
Norway’s Wealth Tax Is Uncommon. Here’s What America Could Learn From It.
The Gonzo Constitutionalism of the American Right
Please be careful if you do analysis on county income and the 2020 vote.

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  1. ProNewerDeal says:

    Mike, did you see read NC link on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

    As a biologist/expert, do you have a take this Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine?

    The US ordered 100M doses. It is still to complete the Trials process. It is of an apparently established vaccine category “Recombinant viral vector”, not the new mRNA category like Moderna or Pfizer/Biontech.

    My layperson intial sense is to specifically take this Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine if it is possible, even this means a few months delay relative to the availabilty of the 2 mRNA vaccines.

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