Links 11/14/20

Links for you. Science:

Evictions would raise COVID-19 risk for everyone
Most States Aren’t Ready to Distribute the Leading COVID-19 Vaccine
Coronavirus: Reopening schools causes R transmission rate to surge, study suggests
Nasal Spray Prevents Covid Infection in Ferrets, Study Finds. Scientists at Columbia University have developed a treatment that blocks the virus in the nose and lungs, is inexpensive and needs no refrigeration.
4 ways President-elect Joe Biden’s Covid-19 plan could change things


“Different Experiences with the Data”: DC’s Covid Math (excellent)
Does it matter if Donald Trump never concedes?
James M. Buchanan, Segregation, and Virginia’s Massive Resistance
The former CEO of Google has applied to become a citizen of Cyprus
QAnon’s biggest prediction has failed, but don’t expect the conspiracy-fueled cult to go away
‘Make America RAKE Again!’ Four Seasons Total Landscaping launches merchandise, including ‘lawn and order’ and face masks, after Giuliani held bizarre presser in its parking lot
Steve Bannon Caught Running a Network of Misinformation Pages on Facebook
Beneficiaries Say D.C. Paid Family Leave Is Changing Perceptions Of Caregiving
Anti-LGBTQ minister, Trump adviser who once ‘cursed’ the Blade dies
The 2020 Results: Where Biden and Trump Gained and Lost Voters
The corrupt bargain between Trump and Republicans is about to unravel
Proud Boys Infighting Sees Leading Member Form Breakaway Group to Fight ‘White Genocide’
Joe Biden has a radical plan for government
Jewish voters were right to repudiate Trump. ‘Israel is no longer — if it ever truly was — the determinant of US Jews’ voting preferences.’
Nadeau Announces Police Accountability Bill After Bowser Moves $43 Million To Cover MPD Overtime Costs
UF has some of the best biostatisticians & epidemiologists in the country, so to analyze our state’s COVID19 data Governor Ron DeSantis chose… a guy who podcasts about sports at Ohio State. (lolsob)
Biden’s choice of Ron Klain to run White House signals rejection of Trump-era chaos (he also has experience with infectious disease policy)
A U.S. ambassador claimed her absentee ballot was not counted. We found it was. (she smart)
DeSantis office ‘leaks’ Florida records to fuel COVID-19 death ‘conspiracy’. Who is behind a “leak” of records on COVID-19 death certificates to a conservative blogger that other media outlets don’t have access to? Nobody is saying, but the subsequent blog supports a theory held by DeSantis.
Why Can’t We See All of the Government’s Virus Data?
QAnon builds on centuries of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that put Jewish people at risk
D.C. Auditor has questions about school reopening

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