Links 11/6/20

Links for you. Science:

Researchers’ Politics Don’t Undermine Their Scientific Results
Early Covid vaccine hopes have a math problem
Four ways Trump has meddled in pandemic science — and why it matters
Spread of mutated coronavirus in Danish mink ‘hits all the scary buttons,’ but fears may be overblown
How the Coronavirus Hacks the Immune System


Election by intimidation: Texas bus ambush by ‘Trump Train’ embraced eagerly by Republicans
The ‘Trump Train’ Drivers Had Reason to Expect Impunity. 2020 is the year of vehicular intimidation, but America forgives lots of violent offenses committed behind the wheel.
The Miralago Ballroom (1930) Wilmette, IL
Americans Didn’t Vote for Change. For Many, It Wasn’t on the Ballot
Donald Trump and Being Deplorable
Downtown D.C.’s Economy Is Still A Hot Mess Because Of Coronavirus
Garbage Human
Nobody Needs to Hear From Claire McCaskill About Anything
Outsourcing: A Personal Window on the Rise of Grifting
Housing groups sue Redfin, alleging federal discrimination violations
D.C. Council Considers Requiring Employers To Rehire Workers They Laid Off During Pandemic
Polling Failed. It’s Time to Kick the Addiction
Puerto Rico Voters Declare They Want U.S. Statehood. Now What?
Rubble Kings: How the Violence Stopped and Hip Hop Emerged in the South Bronx

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2 Responses to Links 11/6/20

  1. did polling fail? or did the vapor voting machines steal votes?

  2. hipparchia says:

    our long national nightmare is over yes, it is.

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