On Republican COVID-19 Nihilism

By now, you might have stumbled across any number of reports describing the Trump administration’s de facto embrace of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy: letting the virus run rampant to build up immunity, while attempting (and failing) to protect at-risk populations, so we can protect TEH STONKS! return to normal. Underlying this Republican nihilism–and until multiple Republicans challenge him on this, it’s a Republican policy*–is the belief that we can’t do anything to prevent infection, as expressed by White House Chief of Staff and COVID-19 Surrender Monkey Mark Meadows.

If you think about this for any amount of time, it becomes obvious just how stupid that Republican nihilism is. After eight months of a pandemic involving an airborne virus, with a patchwork and largely incompetent national response, well under twenty percent of Americans have contracted the virus. So it’s pretty fucking obvious that it is possible to prevent most people from contracting it, even in the U.S., over extended periods of time.

Of course, that assumes they really want to stop it at all–which, as it has been clear for months, they don’t.

*If the left, construed broadly, has to own the idiocy of various dipshit college sophomores, then the Right owns the COVID-19 (non-)strategy until they make it clear that it’s failing.

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  1. ProNewerDeal says:

    The existence of New Zealand PM Ardern shows the toxic combination of incompetence, arrogance of the most powerful US Federal politicians, including Pres Trump, VP Pence, Sen Majority Leader McConnell (R), Sen Minority Leader Schumer (D), House Speaker Pelosi (D) & House Minority Leader McCarthy (R). Biden & Harris also have a TrumPelosiesque sociopathic work history.

    Furthermore, these TrumPelosi sociopaths show Marie Antoinette-level utter disdain for the 99% Americans. For example, I was shocked to be insufficiently cynical, that the TrumPelosis refused to invoke the Defense Protection Act to scale up production of PPE N95 masks & even though say $300K salaried Cardiologists temporarily pressed into COVID Emergency physicians died due to lack of PPE. The TrumPelosis look at $300K cardiologists the same as a unhoused destitute guy.

    New Zealand has a world class SUPRESSION response (not Mitigation) to COVID, with a 7-day average of 0.54/100K cases/wk, below even MikeTheMadBiologist’s 7/100K mark where even high-risk activities like school/gyms/bar/restaurant are acceptable, vs 162.4/100K cases/wk in Murica. I doubt PM Ardern has a 1 in a million genius-level skillset like Albert Einstein or Lebron James. Ardern merely has enough work ethic, intelligence, & actual humanitariasm/empathy to her fellow citizens she serves to dilligently implement known public health experts’ measures.

    Meanwhile the sociopathic arrogant incompetent TrumPelosis claim to be “the Best President Eva” (c) Trump or “a Master Legislator” (c) Pelosi. Ardern at half these TrumPelosis age [familyBlog] [bodilyFunctions] on these TrumPelosis, as if it were Lebron playing basketball against the 8th grader team.

    A few Progressive Ds like Sen. Sanders & Rep Ilhan Omar seem to sincerely want to implement a COVID plan, but are afraid to criticize the D faction of the TrumPelosis. For example, I don’t see even 1 Progressive D make a public media-covered demand on Pelosi to hold a vote on a bill of say $1200/month + MedicareForAll for COVID until pandemic is over, on threat to support her challenger Shahid Bhuttar if she refuses. If Turtle McConnell or OrangeManBad! block it, at least Pelousy would have actually worked hard to do what she has the power to do. Instead Pelousy would rather lazily eat her $12 ice cream & repeat that OrangeManBad!

    Perhaps Biden/Harris will improve somewhat on the world-worst COVID track record of OrangeManBad!, but I expect that their COVID track record will be more similar to OrangeManBad! than Ardern.

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