Links 10/27/20

Links for you. Science:

Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery (2020!)
Viral dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the predictive value of repeat testing
Black voices in physics: Clifford Johnson
Before you get a flu shot, get good sleep to increase its effectiveness, experts say
Scientific Detective Work: Tracking Shark Fins Around The Globe
Home tests could help in the fight against the coronavirus. So where are they?


Save Dives, Save Lives: Paying Bars To Close Could Slow The Spread Of COVID-19
There’s nothing more originalist than packing the court
Here Is One Health Care Pledge Biden Shouldn’t Make
Ovens, dishwashers and washing machines are breaking down like never before. But there’s nobody to fix them.
Private Firm Mobilizing Armed Vets For Election Day Stands Down After Minnesota Warning
Trump’s historic assault on the civil service was four years in the making
New York Times nailed for publishing Republican propaganda — yet again. Two supposedly “average” voters in a Times story turn out to be hardcore Republicans. And it’s happened before (yes, it has)
Swept up by police
They Lost Their Jobs In The Pandemic. Now Defeating Trump Is Full-Time Work.
Drug company insiders are profiting handsomely from the world’s desperate hope for a COVID-19 vaccine
Mary Trump: Psychiatrists know what’s wrong with my uncle. Let them tell voters.
Figure skaters say Mass. rink closures are unfair to them
Enlarging the Supreme Court is the only answer to the right’s judicial radicalism
When We Talk About Fox News, We Need to Talk About the Murdoch Family Too
Rochester AFL-CIO Calls for General Strike if Trump Steals Election
Trump, TV pundits don’t have a fracking clue about Pennsylvania and fossil fuels
A D.C. charter school had a plan to reopen. Then it all fell apart.
Will masks become the ‘new normal’ even after the pandemic has passed? Some Americans say so
How The Epoch Times Created a Giant Influence Machine. Since 2016, the Falun Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire.
Republican party spends nearly $1 million to make Fox News’ Sean Hannity a bestseller
How San Francisco became a COVID-19 success story as other cities stumbled

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