Links 10/24/20

Links for you. Science:

If you crack your knuckles, don’t worry too much about getting arthritis. But the habit isn’t harmless.
The two months in 1980 that shaped the future of biotech
I tested a Harvard-designed nasal spray to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (the tone of the article implies the opposite, but the paper describes how this tech, with very small sample sizes, prevents the spread of virus to others, not protects users)
In Israel: A new report from Ministry of Health: 3 children infected 12 people each, and one child infected 24 people –”Children are the engine of the outbreak”
D.C. Council approves bill allowing children to get vaccines without parents’ consent


Is DC’s Ballot Well Designed? We Asked an Expert.
Driving the 2021 Cadillac Escalade was one of the most stressful experiences of my life
In ‘Lobster War,’ Indigenous Canadians Face Attacks by Fishermen
D.C. Expected to Extend Unemployment Benefits for Gig Workers and Independent Contractors
The Right’s Disinformation Machine Is Getting Ready for Trump to Lose
Mantra’s Trompe L’oeil Murals Encase Enormous Butterflies in Vintage-Style Boxes
More Cleopatra? Why What We Really Need Is a Hatshepsut Movie.
White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in ‘anarchist’ cities
Opposing Trump’s Proto-Fascism Doesn’t Merit a Cabinet Spot
There Are No Good Republicans for a Biden White House. If the best prospects he can dig up are reclamation projects like John Kasich and Meg Whitman, then just recruit Democrats.
The Third Wave of the Pandemic Is Here
Why I Ran for the First Time: Janeese Lewis George Wants to Be the Voice for More Than D.C.’s Elite
The 2020 Census Is Being ‘Sabotaged,’ Says Leading U.S. Statistician
An Undercover Trip Into the Rageful Worlds of Incels and White Supremacists (“Studying the far right made her more knowledgeable about and less patient with those who tolerate it.”)
‘You don’t belong here’: In Poland’s ‘LGBT-free zones,’ existing is an act of defiance
I finally dug a little bit into the “Hunter Biden email” story because I could not figure out what the supposed scandal was. Let’s assume the “smoking gun” email is real. The “scandal” is even more ridiculous than it seems, and depends on the endless stupidity of Trumpers.
America and the Virus: ‘A Colossal Failure of Leadership’
Profits Over Human Life? ER Doctor’s Story Is Fearful Lesson for U.S. Workers During Pandemic
As Covid-19 intensifies, shortages of staple drugs may grow worse
The Philosophy That Makes Amy Coney Barrett So Dangerous

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