Links 10/21/20

Links for you. Science:

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19, by Age and Race and Ethnicity — United States, January 26–October 3, 2020
Bright Spot for N.Y.C.: In Schools, Only 18 Positives Out of 10,676 Tests (the two-week prevalence is a reasonably good match with these data)
D.C.’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification System Launches Tomorrow
Supply shortages impacting COVID-19 and non-COVID testing
Why the coronavirus is killing more men than women
Is it time to stop segregating kids by ability in middle school math?


Inside the Republican Plot for Permanent Minority Rule (must-read)
The 31-day campaign against QAnon
Black officers, torn between badge and culture, face uniquely painful questions and insults
Of Course Trump Will Face No Consequences. Liberal commentators are already setting us up to expect nothing.
The Republican revisionist history on Trump is already being written
Steve Bannon, Guccifer 2.0, Glenn Greenwald, and Me: How Glenn Greenwald Defends “Smear Artist & Cowards”
Trump’s den of dissent: Inside the White House task force as coronavirus surges
Facebook reportedly choked traffic for left-leaning news sites including Mother Jones
The more ‘Boogaloo’ activists at Michigan rally spoke, the more ominous-sounding they became
The Red Zone: College football in a pandemic reveals our capacity for Trumpism
Are people using DC streets closed to traffic during the pandemic?
How COVID-19 could be reshaping growth patterns in NoVA and the “rest of Virginia”
National Gallery to reopen more exhibits — but Sculpture Garden skating rink will not return
Didi’s voice: Didi Elsyad, one of six Black students in her grade at elite magnet Thomas Jefferson High School, found confidence and self-love in fighting to diversify her school. But would the adults listen?
Black officers break from unions over Trump endorsements
How Trump Got Played By The Military-Industrial Complex
Dianne Feinstein made a mess of the Barrett hearings. There is a better way.
For Democrats, half measures won’t do. If they take power, they must wield it aggressively and without sentiment.
Trump’s enablers can’t escape the consequences of their choices (the first point is really interesting)
How Biden Can Jump-Start Recovery Before Becoming President
Ending the filibuster is about to be more important than ever
If You’re Baffled as to Why JPMorgan Chase’s Board Hasn’t Sacked Jamie Dimon as the Bank Racked Up 5 Felony Counts – Here’s Your Answer

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