Links 10/18/20

Links for you. Science:

A multinational listeriosis outbreak and the importance of sharing genomic data
Wild Predators Are Relying More on Our Food—and Pets
Factors Influencing Risk for COVID-19 Exposure Among Young Adults Aged 18–23 Years — Winnebago County, Wisconsin, March–July 2020
Mask use does not increase risk of COVID-19 as viral social media posts claim
Superspreading Event of SARS-CoV-2 Infection at a Bar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


The inside story of how Trump’s COVID-19 coordinator undermined the world’s top health agency
Republican Judges Are Quietly Upending Public Health Laws. A catastrophic sequence of decisions has blocked states from responding to the pandemic.
Being Homeless Is ‘The Most Horrible Feeling In The World’
Judges’ politics absolutely sway how they decide cases. I crunched the numbers
The U.S. Shouldn’t Be a ‘Sleazy Offshore Principality’
Trump’s COVID Task Force Is Now Openly Rebelling Against Him
How Republicans will try to destroy a Biden presidency
California’s 40 Million People Are Sick of Being Ignored
Inside the Fall of the CDC: How the world’s greatest public health organization was brought to its knees by a virus, the president and the capitulation of its own leaders, causing damage that could last much longer than the coronavirus.
Facing budget cuts, Metro asks riders to select the least bad options
When Covid-19 rules are flouted by ultra-Orthodox Jews, it isn’t anti-Semitism to call it out
Tech Companies Are Destroying Democracy and the Free Press
Where will all the Trump staffers go? Preparing for the worst, the GOP ponders life after Trump (lol)
After 700 Students Test Positive, a College President Resigns (rare episode of accountability)
Fancy footwork fails to disguise Trump’s continuing far-right conspiracist tango at town hall
Act now, wait for perfect evidence later, says ‘high priestess’ of U.K. COVID-19 masking campaign
America Has No Reason to Be So Powerful
Republican voter suppression efforts were banned for decades. Here’s what changed. For the past 40 years, the GOP has been barred from engaging in these kinds of “election security” campaigns.
He Married a Sociopath: Me
The Beloved Barbie Pond on Avenue Q Continues to Bring Delight in the Toughest of Times
At the NBC Town Hall, the President Demonstrated That He Is Completely Insane

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