Links 10/8/20

Links for you. Science:

The code: How genetic science helped expose a secret coronavirus outbreak (excellent; good for non-biologists)
Vaccine Chaos Is Looming. The COVID-19 vaccines furthest along in clinical trials are the fastest to make, but they are also the hardest to deploy.
Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work,’ Studies Suggest
‘It is a slaughter’: Infectious disease icon asks CDC director to expose White House, orchestrate his own firing
He’s a recruiter for a Covid-19 vaccine trial. Can he overcome communities’ distrust — and his own mother’s?


President Superspreader
What Does The White House Coronavirus Outbreak Mean For D.C. Residents?
Trump’s latest madness may herald large-scale GOP collapse
DCision 2020: Your Guide To The Many, Many Candidates Running For At-Large Seats On The D.C. Council (I’m voting Lazere and White)
‘Middle-Class Joe’ Doesn’t Understand the Middle Class. Joe Biden has a preposterous definition of the middle class that as president would hamper his ability to enact smart policies.
The Political Implications of D.C./Puerto Rico Statehood
A U.S. senator kept taking off his mask on a Delta flight, raising questions about safety oversight
‘Unjustifiable hysteria’: Republican recalcitrance about the virus persists even as GOP faces growing turmoil
Some D.C. elementary school students will be allowed to return to classrooms in November (for me, the issue is what kind of forward and retrospective tracing will be done once positives occur–and they are guaranteed to occur)
More Than ER Nurses Got
Road to recovery: What we have learned from other cities’ and states’ responses to COVID-19
How Wisconsin Became a Bastion of White Supremacy
This Brutal World. Public opinion has softened its views on Brutalism. That isn’t enough to stay the wrecking ball.
The Congressional District That Could Decide the Presidency
Bill Mitchell: job guarantee will suppress working class power
The Right and Wrong Way for Biden to Attack Trump’s Taxes. The president is not a phony billionaire. He’s a real tax cheat.
Perkins & Will, Keokuk Senior High School (1952-53) Keokuk, Iowa
House Democrats say Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple enjoy ‘monopoly power’ and recommend big changes
Masks Burn in Street as Ultra-Orthodox Community Members Protest New COVID Rules
The pandemic is amplifying the U.S. anti-vaccine movement — and globalizing it
New D.C. Council Bill Could Provide Reparations To Descendants Of Enslaved People

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