Links 10/4/20

Links for you. Science:

Epidemiology and transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in two Indian states
(good commentary here and here)
Epidemiological Correlates of PCR Cycle Threshold Values in the Detection of SARS-CoV-2
This biologist helped trace SARS to bats. Now, he’s working to uncover the origins of COVID-19
“California Is Built To Burn”: In an interview, Stephen Pyne, a fire historian and emeritus professor at Arizona State University, discusses the wildfires in California and steps that can be taken to help prevent them in the future.


A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans
Trump backs violent white supremacists. There’s no way around it.
Bowser pitches reforms to D.C.’s troubled local contracting program
If Trump wins, 20 million people could lose health insurance. If Biden wins, 25 million could gain it.
A new museum celebrates D.C.’s graffiti artists, past and present
“Trump Is So Saturated”: Anti-Trump Attack Ads Might Actually Be Helping Him, Democratic Group Finds
Here’s what DC’s Ward 2 general election candidates said about urbanist issues
As of September 29, 2020, 5 Federal Courts Have Ruled Against the Postal Service
How bike crashes shifted out of downtown DC during the pandemic
D.C. chancellor and union struggle to reach an agreement ahead of mayor’s decision on schools reopening.
Go-Go Activism, Both Personal and Political, Is Coming Into Its Power in D.C.
How Corruption is Becoming America’s Operating System
Why ‘Stand Back and Stand By’ Should Set Off Alarm Bells
Lazere, Goodwin, and Orange Dominate At-Large Debate
Would We Even Know Trump Has Coronavirus Without the Free Press?
Permission To Be Just A Totally Shitty Person
The Senate must abide by CDC guidelines — even if it means delaying Barrett’s confirmation hearings
200-plus Notre Dame students call on President Fr. Jenkins to resign, citing hypocrisy
Trump thought he could beat the virus with spin. That’s why he’s now infected.
The Supreme Court is About to Murder What’s Left of the Voting Rights Act. And it will be a day of jubilee for Chief Justice John Roberts.
New Jersey Contract Tracers Still Need Names Of Trump Fundraiser Guests, Who Are Already Going Out In Public. Social media posts show people who attended the fundraiser with the president fanning across the country and not wearing masks.

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