Links 9/27/20

Links for you. Science:

COVID-19 can affect the heart
What Is Math? A teenager asked that age-old question on TikTok, creating a viral backlash, and then, a thoughtful scientific debate
Virus Cases Surged in Young Adults. The Elderly Were Hit Next. (report here)
Whole-genome sequencing to track SARS-CoV-2 transmission in nosocomial outbreaks
COVID-19 Contact Tracing in Two Counties — North Carolina, June–July 2020 (“Despite aggressive efforts by health departments, many COVID-19 patients do not report contacts, and many contacts cannot be reached.”)


Group of ‘armed citizens’ confronts health workers conducting random COVID-19 testing (not helping)
After James Scurlock is killed in Omaha, witnesses claim investigation ignored signs of shooter’s allegedly racist past
Gale Sayers, electrifying Hall of Fame running back for Chicago Bears, dies at 77
Meet The New Generation of D.C. Statehood Advocates
Politics is an American industry
Capitulating to the right won’t end the judicial wars
Kamala Harris Has A Vibrant Online Fan Club. But It Also Has A Toxic Side. (lol: ““I know that there’s this narrative that particularly people who support Bernie, and some Warren supporters as well, have tried to put out there that the KHive is toxic,” Evans said, adding that he himself has witnessed very little toxic behavior. “Any online stan group is going to ― at its most extreme end ― have some people who are bad actors. I’m sure the KHive is not immune to that.””)
JPMorgan Is Set to Pay $1 Billion in Record Spoofing Penalty
If You Can Grocery Shop in Person, You Can Vote in Person. Experts now say the health risk of casting an in-person ballot is relatively low. Will Democrats tell their voters that? (I think advice is going have to be state- and polling place-specific; my usual place wouldn’t be very safe–and the wait times are far longer than I spend in the supermarket)
Dr. Birx Has Discovered That Administration* Lackey Is a Short-Term Position
The President Has Announced His Intention to Stage a Coup. And he has made whoever he nominates to the Supreme Court an accomplice in that effort.
Democrats worry Feinstein can’t handle Supreme Court battle. Colleagues fear the oldest senator may struggle to lead Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. (wasn’t very sharp when she was younger)
Do These Republican Senators Think Their Grandchildren Will Be Proud of Them? Grandpapa, I tell all my friends you aided and abetted the rise of American autocracy.
‘One of The Low Points in American History’: Dan Rather Goes Long on Our Defining Moment. In a wide-ranging interview, the legendary reporter gives a clinic on journalism, its intersection with politics, civil rights, and the future of American culture.
Trump’s former Coast Guard chief endorses Biden, cites ‘insurgency’ on the Constitution
How fascism ascends: 2020 election may be the crisis of democracy that opens the door to a coup
Justice in Breonna Taylor’s death fell victim to ‘law-and-order’ politics
In secret recording, trainer for Unlock Michigan advises on unlawful tactics
Louis Pasteur Elementary, Detroit, MI
How to Debate Someone Who Lies: Truth sandwiches, ridicule and other tactics for Joe Biden when he faces President Trump.

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