Links 9/25/20

Links for you. Science:

A Covid-19 Vaccine for Children May Not Arrive Before Fall 2021
The lethal nonsense of Michael Levitt
NIH staffer to retire after he was exposed as the blogger behind anti-Fauci, anti-mask stories
Howard U. to Lead IBM’s First Quantum Education, Research Initiative for HBCUs
A vaccine alone won’t stop Covid-19. We also need a trusted plan for it


The Race For an Obscure Texas Office Could Have a Lasting Impact on Climate Change
You Can Now Explore 103 ‘Lost’ Hokusai Drawings Online
Poorly Protected Postal Workers Are Catching COVID-19 by the Thousands. It’s One More Threat to Voting by Mail.
You Would Think Hans von Spakovsky’s Portfolio as a Voting-Rights “Expert” Would be Rendered Confetti by Now.
Is This How Biden Blows It? Trump says he isn’t preparing. Biden’s aides see debates as boxes to check. But many Democrats remain nervous.
A Virginia City’s Playbook for Urban Renewal: Move Out the Poor. Norfolk is using federal tax breaks to plow under its historically Black neighborhoods.
Another Plea to Vote in Person if You Can
Fox News has complained about coronavirus health measures nearly 5 times as often as it reported the national death toll since Sept. 1
It’s time for Senate Democrats to make good trouble to gum up McConnell’s plans for Supreme Court
We Got Our Hands On Thousands Of Secret Documents. Let’s Break Them Down.
Democrats Need a Plan. Fast. Here’s how they can apply maximum pressure, brand the process as the illegitimate farce it is and lay the groundwork for desperately needed reform.
Democrats have a better option than court packing (not sure I agree at all, but interesting)
How We Survive the Winter: The coming months of the pandemic could be catastrophic. The U.S. still has ways to prepare.
What Exactly is the Liberal Position on the Supreme Court? (as above, not sure I agree at all, but interesting)
We Aren’t Nationally Mourning The 200,000 COVID-19 Victims Because If We Did It Would Be A Reckoning. “If you actually recognize the horrific toll this is taking,” one history professor told BuzzFeed News, “then you’re acknowledging the weight of the problem and the failure of the response.” (related post here)
Hausner & Macsai, Import Motors of Chicago Volkswagen Distributor (1965) Deerfield, IL
DEMOCRATS WOULD SEEM MORE REASONABLE IF THEY STOPPED TRYING TO SEEM SO REASONABLE (“Democrats would be better at playing hardball if they weren’t so guilt-ridden about it.”)
Ilhan Omar Is Not Here to Put You at Ease
Trump Has Declared the Coronavirus—Which Has Killed 200,000 Americans—Affects ‘Virtually Nobody’
Voting G.O.P. Means Voting Against Health Care
A Young Kennedy, in Kushnerland, Turned Whistle-Blower

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