Links 9/11/20

Links for you. Science:

Old Male Elephants: Don’t Count Them Out
The Sturgis Biker Rally Did Not Cause 266,796 Cases of COVID-19 (I think some of the criticisms are overblown, but the study really needs confidence intervals, which would be quite large due to the variance in R for infected individuals)
Why STEM Needs to Focus on Social Justice
Parasitic worms found in medieval human remains hold secret for eradicating them today
Senior FDA career executives: We’re following the science to protect public health in pandemic


4,399 people in D.C. have gotten sick during Phase 2. 30.3% of our total infections. Why did we reopen? Why was a low-level comms staffer deciding what information was shared with the public? (also see this)
America’s Dire Inequality Demands a New Conceptual Framework. This Economist Has One.
With schools closed, public libraries are being used as day-care centers, angering some people
Detroit cityscapes by painter Zoltan Sepeshy (1898-1974)
You’d Think Someone—Anyone—in This Administration* Would Turn Out to Be a Non-Grifter
The Answer Is: $600/week Would Be Proven To Be Fucking Amazing Policy
We Live On Another Planet Now
Public trust in CDC, Fauci, and other top health officials is evaporating, poll finds
How Much Longer Can We Go On With So Many American Households Close to Financial Ruin?
Many GOP Voters Value America’s Whiteness More Than Its Democracy
COVID crisis: We need all hands on deck to save America’s arts and culture economy
A Comprehensive History of ‘Loose Change’—and the Seeds It Planted in Our Politics: Fifteen years ago, three young men created a 9/11-conspiracy-theory film that laid the groundwork for our culture of outrageous misinformation.
Metro’s newest budget is grim, dire, and insert-your-negative-adjective-here
Here’s why audio of Trump saying he knew Covid-19 was a killer is much worse for him than calling fallen troops ‘suckers’
Oregon Police Beg Public to Stop Calling In False Reports Blaming Antifa for Wildfires. False claims that antifascists are starting forest fires have been spread by supporters of President Donald Trump.
When They Came To An Oregon Town To Take Pictures Of The Fires, Armed Locals Thought They Were Antifa Arsonists
New evidence of China’s concentration camps shows its hardening resolve to wipe out the Uighurs
Sanders: America must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office

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