Links 9/5/20

Links for you. Science:

Fauci Says COVID Vaccine Trials Could End Early If Results Are Overwhelming
It’s time to talk about how toilets may be spreading covid-19
Genomic plasticity of pathogenic Escherichia coli mediates d-serine tolerance via multiple adaptive mechanisms
It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C. The agency’s new guidelines are wrong, so states have to step up on their own to suppress the coronavirus.
A cheap, simple way to control this pandemic exists: It is not a ‘moonshot’ — RT-LAMP mass tests could curb the global spread of viruses


What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon?
Following 500-Plus COVID-19 Cases, JMU Goes Virtual And Asks Students To Return Home
The “Oath Keepers” Are Today’s Blackshirts: In the Obama era, they resisted “presidential tyranny.” Now they want to help Trump crack American skulls in the streets.
The Media Fails Its Biggest Trump 2020 Test
Trump Is a Coward: Biden calls the president weak on crime, Russia, and the coronavirus. Trump proves him right.
White Supremacists Are Invading American Cities To Incite a Civil War
Trump Needs His Own Sister Souljah Moment: The president must condemn those responsible for violence and disavow those who act in his name. Easy, right?
Trump, McConnell have decided to just pretend COVID-19 is over
Trump Is an Arsonist Masquerading As a Firefighter
This Massachusetts primary is everything wrong with the Democratic Party
This Solar For All program creates jobs and can reduce expenses for low-income households
Biden Condemned Violence. Why Won’t Trump?
He spent years performing D.C.’s autopsies. Now, his job is to stop them from happening.
It’s Official: Your iPhone Can Now Act As Your Metro Card
Trump is acting like a cornered animal. America needs a human being.
Trump Embraces the Samson Option: Inciting violence may not win Trump the election. But it still advances his agenda.
The Eco–Yogi Slumlords of Brooklyn How did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios and homes with “living walls” end up as pandemic villains?
America Doesn’t Have a Coherent Strategy for Asymptomatic Testing. It Needs One.
Cop Who Charged Black Senator With ‘Injuring’ Confederate Statues Nurtured A Long Grudge (wrote about Portsmouth here)
Trump Advisers: He Was ‘Triggered’ by Talk of White Supremacy (forget the title, he’s more dysfunctional than even I thought)
My severe Covid-19: It felt like dying in solitary confinement
Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice. It’s having a corrosive effect on American life — and hurting the Democratic Party.

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  1. krow10 says:

    “Here’s what we know: When you flush a toilet, the churning and bubbling of water aerosolizes fecal matter. That creates particles that will float in the air, which we will now politely call “bioaerosols” for the rest of this article.”

    We really need to improve indoor ventilation for all public spaces. Server rooms do this now (mostly for dust and heat) but this needs to be a focus for schools, offices, apartments & other housing for health reasons.

    I have capital tied up in 401k stonks (with fucking rentiers taking their cut) that I wish I could put towards this idea.

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