Links 9/4/20

Links for you. Science:

How cats and dogs see the world
China’s Vaccine Front-Runner Aims to Beat Covid the Old-Fashioned Way
Inside Trump’s pressure campaign on federal scientists over a covid-19 treatment
The coronavirus disarms the foot soldiers of the immune system. Scientists theorize that boosting them could fight covid-19.
Trends in microbiology publications: are classic scientific journals condemned to extinction?


Running Out Of Time, Census Scales Back A Critical Step: Checking Its Own Work
The Thin Blue Line Between Violent, Pro-Trump Militias and Police
Social Security Could Stay Solvent Forever by Issuing Bonds
Why Jeff Bezos Is Worth $200 Billion: A California court decision holding Amazon liable for products sold by merchants tells the story.
Housing will test white support for Black lives
Postal chief DeJoy has long leveraged connections, dollars
Rosenstein blocked FBI from probing Trump’s Russian ties—then ordered Mueller to ignore them as well
There is a dormant Trump vote. The best place to look probably isn’t Facebook memes. (the figure is mislabelled, but interesting)
‘Everyone’s clueless’: Cost-cutting uncertainty mires Postal Service in more delays
The Politics of Postal Reform Have Always Been Part of USPS History
The Logic of the Boss
Bernie Sanders Responds to RNC’s Attempts to Paint Biden as a Socialist: ‘If Only That Were True…’
Trump thinks everyone breaks the rules. No wonder he does it, too.
A week after restoring nearly full service, Metro faces possibility of budget cuts
Jerry Seinfeld: So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’
Monopolization as a Challenge for Both Parties
Corporate Dems Want You To Shut Up While They Get Loud
Andrew Sullivan: The ‘polite’ fascist is a fascist nonetheless. He doesn’t wield a torch, he carries columns.
6 Million Stricken with Covid-19: Trump has turned the US into a Sh*thole Country
Trump Needs His Own Sister Souljah Moment: The president must condemn those responsible for violence and disavow those who act in his name. Easy, right? (brilliant shade)
The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Crushed Downtown D.C.’s Economy
John Thompson Jr. Made Georgetown Basketball His Own

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    2 ‘Boogaloo Bois’ charged with conspiring with terrorist organization

    “Boojahideen”… The two men are accused of attempting to provide weapons suppressors or silencers to Hamas in exchange for funding for their extremist organization.

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