Links 8/29/20

Links for you. Science:

eLife launches Executable Research Articles for publishing computationally reproducible results
Challenge to scientists: does your ten-year-old code still run? Missing documentation and obsolete environments force participants in the Ten Years Reproducibility Challenge to get creative.
A Plague on Ibiza. Since they arrived unexpectedly in the early 2000s, snakes have become a local preoccupation in Ibiza—for the iconic Ibiza wall lizard, and for the humans who brought them in, too.
US obesity epidemic could undermine effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine
Convalescent Plasma: The Science and the Politics


Trump Is Far from the First Presidential Liar, But He’s Definitely the Worst. Yes, all presidents lie. But none of them lied like this. The question is, why do so many in the media still let it happen?
A 29-Year-Old’s Strange, Unforgettable Trip Into a Covid Coma and Back
People Are Rarely Cited For Large Social Gatherings In The D.C. Area
New York City Faces Another “Drop Dead”: How Many Other Cities Will Wind Up in Distress?
This is the best thing in 2020.
This painting was done by artist Walter Molino in 1962…. and he titled the painting “Life in 2022”
Woman found alive after being taken to Detroit funeral home
Housing Authority Board Vice Chair Removed Hours After Asking Questions About Whistleblower Lawsuit
Can Joe Biden make America decent like him? A skeptic’s hope for the Democratic nominee
How Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering
I lost my shit when I saw this. Had to share.
Their classmates are murdered, then they take the SATs: How gun violence shapes academics
Administrator welcomes students to Yale University and tells them to “emotionally prepare” for death there
Can Chuck Schumer be the majority leader progressives seek?
Why Isn’t Modern Monetary Theory Common Knowledge?
Telling stories about crime is hard. That’s no excuse for not doing better.
How White Progressives Undermine School Integration. A robust body of research shows the benefits of integration. Why, then, is it so hard to achieve?
The Non-Voter
This Jerry Falwell, Jr. Story Is About More Than Voyeurism
Surprising COVID-19 side effect: More companies adopt the 4-day workweek
Biden Wants Black Voter Turnout Similar to Obama’s. He’ll Need Black Men. For Democrats who rely on Black voters to power their electoral advantages in America’s urban centers, the difference between good and great Black voter turnout is often a question of Black men. (this is why I think claims of Wisconsin leaning Democratic are greatly overblown)

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  1. a disproportionate number of covid deaths are Black, Hispanic, and Native American. Part of the Democratic base is dying, especially if you add in suicide. Millions of people are about to become homeless and will be too traumatized to vote. By failing to pass a people’s bailout, Pelosi and Schumer have created conditions for a Democratic defeat and they should never be allowed to forget it.

  2. kaleberg says:

    Another prescient article: Chicago U: No Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings, Protection From Bears

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