Links 8/27/20

Links for you. Science:

Humidity is a consistent climatic factor contributing to SARS‐CoV‐2 transmission
Have L.A.’s homeless people dodged a COVID-19 catastrophe?
Tiles to restore corals, designed and 3D printed in Hong Kong, may be key to saving the world’s threatened reefs
A secret hidden in centuries-old mud reveals a new way to save polluted rivers
97,000 People Got Convalescent Plasma. Who Knows if It Works? A treatment made from the blood of recovered Covid-19 patients seemed promising in March. Today … well, it’s still just promising.


Small-time scams are dissolving America from the inside (“If we don’t want a future President Brian Kolfage invading Liechtenstein to root out an imaginary conspiracy of Spaghetti-Os devil monsters, we should start attacking a foundation of right-wing conspiratorial extremism: fraud.”)
Meatpacking Companies Dismissed Years of Warnings but Now Say Nobody Could Have Prepared for COVID-19
What happened to American Protestantism?
The Pandemic Hurts Countries That Don’t Value Workers: Weak Labor Protections Make the United States More Vulnerable to COVID-19
The Republican Embrace of QAnon Goes Far Beyond Trump. As the president all but endorses the internet-driven conspiracy theory, it is shifting from the fringes of the internet to become an offline political movement. (if Biden wins, arresting and convicting the real criminals in the Trump administration would dent its growth, though probably not affect the current true believers)
The Contours of Atlanta’s Policing Debate: Why most of the city’s Black council members shot down a proposal to defund the police.
Biden is already forming a government. Here’s what his Cabinet could look like. (Bernstein and uniformity on filibuster abolition are good)
They’re Making the Rent. Is It Costing Their Future?
Joe Biden Is The Nominee, But The Democratic Party Belongs To Barack Obama. For better and for worse, the former president told the American story his party wants to hear. (“If the American left hopes to see the transformative action necessary for averting another authoritarian slide, it will have to mold its ideas about sweeping change to a narrative that resembles what Obama presented on Wednesday night. Right or wrong, it’s what Democrats want to hear. And there is no way forward for democracy outside the world’s oldest political party.” Sigh.)
Covid in the Classroom? Shhh. Some Schools Are Keeping It Quiet. Some states and school districts provide detailed data on school outbreaks. Others choose to keep such information under wraps.
Facebook’s Algorithm Is ‘Actively Promoting’ Holocaust Denial Content
Is Vote-by-Mail a Trap for Democrats? An Exchange. Roy Greenwald and Robert Kuttner propose solutions to the Postal Service crisis.
Why Biden Won the Nomination
College Football Should Be Totally Shut Down, Even if It Hurts
QAnon, the Conspiracy Theory Creeping Into U.S. Politics
School Reopenings Are Only Going to Get More Chaotic: Trump gave up on controlling the virus, squandering our chance to reopen safely.
Here’s why the Postal Service wanted to remove hundreds of mail-sorting machines (like the Iraq War supporters, different people have different reasons for supporting this policy)
When It Comes to Climate Change, It’s Joe Biden Versus the DNC
As restaurants take over sidewalks to provide pandemic-safe dining, people with disabilities encounter barriers.
What Populism Is and Is Not
In secretly recorded audio, President Trump’s sister says he has ‘no principles’ and ‘you can’t trust him’

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