I Don’t Think Democrats Are Going to DESTROY Postmaster General DeJoy

So next week, House Democrats are planning hearings about USPS’ interestingly-timed efforts to change how mail is delivered in the U.S. There has been a lot of eager anticipation of several Democrats’ future questioning (a couple of them actually don’t suck at their jobs), but I don’t think this is going to change anything.

While Trump, who blurted out that he just didn’t want voting-by-mail and was willing to deny funding for that to happen, DeJoy won’t do that. Unlike Trump, DeJoy likely has enough self-control and isn’t a complete fucking moron, so, while he might look stupid, he probably won’t be DESTROYED! Here’s why (boldface mine):

Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, warned in a tweet Tuesday that “Senate Republicans scheduled the [Friday] hearing with DeJoy before his appearance on Monday at the House hearing clearly to try to control the narrative and say all of his changes were reasonable and in good faith.”

DeJoy will simply argue that he was just trying to improve efficiency and make changes quickly before the end of the presidential term. If asked about the policy of banning postal workers from serving as witnesses for absentee ballots (some states require a witness for absentee ballots), he’ll argue that postal workers don’t have time to do this–they need to be delivering the mail! And so on.

Yes, DeJoy is full of shit. He probably even realizes Democrats know he’s full of shit. But there likely isn’t a smoking gun–though I hope I’m wrong about that.

If Democrats (ever) regain control of Congress and the presidency, they might want to try governing while they have the opportunity to do so. That’s the only way out of messes like this, which is a convoluted way of saying, we might not be able to stop DeJoy or reverse the damage he’s doing in time for the election.

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  1. you should run this video every day, because it shows how we got Trump

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