Links 8/7/20

Links for you. Science:

Only 1950s Kids Will Recognize This Endangered Fish
The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data
Report: Coronavirus infected scores of children and staff at Georgia sleep-away camp (short, easy-to-read paper here)
What are coronavirus risks from riding trains? A new Chinese study analyses passenger data
As temperatures rise, a ‘nightmare’ of toxic algae plagues the hidden gems of Cape Cod


COVID-19 Hospital Data System That Bypasses CDC Plagued By Delays, Inaccuracies (told you this would happen)
How To Pretend That You Are Smart
Why we need to talk about caste in America
Paul Graham Is Asking to be Eaten: yet another bad poem in my ongoing bad poetry series.
I’m so tired of the “big government” argument.
Class Struggles: Labor strife and “mommy wars” loom as some push to reopen schools
Playing War While Dressed to Kill in Portland: Trump’s agents are outfitted as military special operations, not just soldiers. Their violence is no surprise.
Onward, Christian Cowboys
Progressives Have a VP Short list: Barbara Lee, Nina Turner, Karen Bass (Barbara Lee would be great, which means she won’t be chosen)
Bill of Health: How market logic hobbles the nation’s hospitals
Congrats, Dems: You Just Let Trump’s Chief Henchman Off the Hook
Pay People To Remediate Homes In Their Communities
You Deserve To Be Protected At Work
The NYPD Took a Step Toward Fascism When It Kidnapped Nikki Stone
The Job Guarantee and the Unemployment System
If Biden wants to govern well, Karen Bass is the right pick
Reopening schools is a lose-lose dilemma for many families of color
What the Experts Say About COVID-19 Risks
D.C. pastor tests positive for coronavirus, as health officials struggle to stop its spread
Is the Subway Risky? It May Be Safer Than You Think. New studies in Europe and Asia suggest that riding public transportation is not a major source of transmission for the coronavirus. (guessing a big part of this is low prevalence)
Interview: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on Why Racism Has Been Profitable
Fear of a White Riot: In Germany, policing and xenophobia go hand in hand
The Growing Fight Against the School Death Trap
On a call with SEC leaders, worried football players pushed back: ‘Not good enough’

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