Links 7/29/20

Links for you. Science:

NIH to start ‘flurry’ of large studies of potential Covid-19 treatments
How California went from coronavirus success story to disaster — and how it can regain control
Ancient teeth show history of epidemics is much older than we thought
Reef sharks are in major decline worldwide
Covid-19 Patients No Longer Need Tests to End Isolation. Under new guidelines from the C.D.C., recovering coronavirus patients should be free to resume normal activity after 10 days, if they have no fever or other symptoms.


Why Are Mayors Inviting Trump’s Federal Agents Into Their Cities?
Pilot Program
Can Trump Win in November by Reviving Willie Horton?
Stuck-at-Home Parents Want More Support for Home Schooling (never let a crisis go to waste…)
Donald Trump Wants a Fight on the Green New Deal. So Do We.
Pandemic travel: New York’s system of tracking travelers from pandemic hotspots is clearly useless. It felt like it’s being done just for show.
How Covid-19 Is Changing the Way We Work
In Portland, Questions Swirl Around Local Police’s Coordination With Federal Officers
As Trump Threatens Cities, Philadelphia’s DA Prepares to Uphold the Rule of Law
How Law & Order’s Dick Wolf Is Reimagining His Shows In The Wake Of The BLM Protests
Canada’s Nazi Monuments
What the Coronavirus Proved About Homelessness
The City That Lived: Miami’s bleak future on the front line of climate change
The implications of the “Red America virus” for epidemiology in the Information Age
The simple question that can help schools make hard decisions about covid-19
Break Up the Department of Homeland Security
As the Smithsonian starts to reopen, a small team takes on a big question: how to keep coronavirus concerns from taking away accessibility?
Boston installs new downtown bike lanes — for now
Tucker Carlson’s Democrat COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Is One For The Books
LeBron James Helping Florida Ex-Felons Pay Fees So They Can Vote (you can donate here)
Boston historic sites, starved for tourists, struggle to make do
Trump’s Manhattan Property Benefitted From Small Business Bailout
The political battle over masks is making us lose the war on COVID-19

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