Links 7/23/20

Links for you. Science:

A yearslong push to remove racist bias from kidney testing gains new ground
During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Preemies?
Inside Johnson & Johnson’s Nonstop Hunt for a Coronavirus Vaccine. In Boston and in the Netherlands, scientists are racing to build a vaccine against the virus strangling the world.
We need major air-conditioner innovation to keep us cool without warming the planet
Dogs may use Earth’s magnetic field to take shortcuts


We blew it (nothing wrong with this post at all)
Covid-19 Economic Realities Sinking in as Denialism Wanes, Desperation Rises (she’s right)
There are two COVID Americas. One hopes for an extension of federal unemployment and stimulus. The other is saving and spending.
Trump vs. Biden on reopening schools
Inside Trump’s Failure: The Rush to Abandon Leadership Role on the Virus
Joe Kennedy, a Top Recipient of Hedge Fund Cash, Declined to Back Tax Fairness Act. Unlike his Democratic Senate primary opponent Sen. Ed Markey, Rep. Joe Kennedy has declined in multiple sessions to co-sponsor legislation to end the carried interest tax loophole enjoyed by hedge fund and private equity managers.
Why We’re Losing the Battle With Covid-19. The escalating crisis in Texas shows how the chronic underfunding of public health has put America on track for the worst coronavirus response in the developed world.
A state attorney releases her ‘bad cops’ list in a bold move against police abuse
China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization
C.T. Vivian, Martin Luther King’s Field General, Dies at 95
Better Policy Ideas Alone Won’t Stop Monopolies. The next administration will need to change the culture within the antitrust enforcement agencies.
Yes, Trump’s in deep trouble — but there may be a disturbing method to his madness
50 Days Of Protest In Portland. A Violent Police Response. This Is How We Got Here.
The 15-Minute City: Can New York Be More Like Paris?
The GOP Coalition Is Getting More Working-Class. Its Agenda Isn’t.
50 Nights of Unrest in Portland: Robert Evans of Bellingcat says the city “is being used as a bellwether to see what this administration can get away with.”
The Trump campaign is the grift that keeps on grifting
What Americans are finally learning about freedom
The Great Reset Is Already Underway
How Larry Hogan Kept Blacks in Baltimore Segregated and Poor. Hogan portrays himself as a moderate who cares about minorities, but his decisions tell a different story—particularly his decision to cancel Baltimore’s Red Line.
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