Links 7/20/20

Links for you. Science:

How a miracle drug changed the fight against infection during World War II
Microbiologists at Caltech discovered a bacteria that feeds on manganese metal
A Detailed Map of Who Is Wearing Masks in the U.S.
You’d Rather Get a Coronavirus Vaccine Through Your Nose. Some experts say a vaccine puffed in the nose would be better at protecting people from infection. But nasal vaccines won’t be ready right away.
If You Have Pets


‘It was like being preyed upon’: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them
Bernie Sanders and Andy Slavitt: America’s cost effective Covid-19 solution? Masks for All
The humble shipping container home gets a luxurious upgrade
D.C. School Board Member Criticized for ‘Racist, Dehumanizing’ Comments
‘Setting Foot In A School Building Terrifies Me’: Teachers Worry As Schools In D.C. Region Prepare For The Fall
State Board of Education Member Ashley MacLeay Delivers Racist Screed On Police In Schools Resolution
D.C. health officials voice concern about virus metrics as region’s caseload creeps higher (“…hree measurements in the city are cause for concern: the rate of transmission, a caseload that is not declining and a high prevalence of cases seemingly unconnected to one another, rather than traceable to one cluster of infections.” Some asshole with a blog has been saying this for a few weeks now…)
How HHS’s new hospital data reporting system will actually affect the U.S. Covid-19 response
New York Touts Local Labs While U.S. Aims to Ease Test Logjam
Get Ready for the 2020 Election Recount (tacit admission that Republicans, including some NeverTrumpers, cheated Al Gore through violent intimidation)
‘Invasion’ of ancient Egypt may have actually been immigrant uprising
Pitbull attacks shark that bit his owner
The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal
As COVID-19 cases spike in Puerto Rico, islanders beg tourists to stay home
Democrats can’t afford to let former Republicans co-opt the party
A race is on to make enough small glass vials to deliver coronavirus vaccine around the world
A Deeply Provincial View of Free Speech: Many prominent writers and thinkers seem invested in the notion that simply facing strong public criticism is a threat to free speech.
Larry Brilliant on How Well We Are Fighting Covid-19
The Masada mystery. Have archaeologists proven the ancient tale of mass suicide in the Judaean desert or twisted science for political end?
The Populist Right Will Fail to Help Workers or Outflank the Left: No horseshoe theory is going to form, even as the populist right attacks neoliberalism, because of these five assumptions and arguments they make.
DAVID BROOKS ON TRUMPISM: ONE DAY, IT’S LIKE A MIRACLE, IT WILL DISAPPEAR (de-Palinization/de-Trumpification will take years, if we’re lucky)

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