Links 7/12/20

Links for you. Science:

In Early February, the Coronavirus Was Moving Through New York
The 60 foot long jet powered animal you’ve probably never heard of
Estimating the overdispersion in COVID-19 transmission using outbreak sizes outside China
Unmasked! The effect of face masks on the spread of COVID-19
A New Generation of Fast Coronavirus Tests Is Coming: New technologies, like the gene-editing tool Crispr, can spot the virus in less than an hour. But it will likely be months before these tests hit clinics.


The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay: Many American public-health specialists are at risk of burning out as the coronavirus surges back.
A Leader Without Leading: Nancy Pelosi is an expert at obtaining power. 
But what does she want to use it for? (must-read)
A Better Fall Is Possible: States with low rates of the virus are in a position to reopen their schools this September—but they should do so very carefully, and with a focus on younger kids.
If Wishes Were Ponies
How America Lost the War on Covid-19: It wasn’t because of our culture, it was because of our leadership.
COVID-19 ‘Please Tell Me My Life Is Worth A LITTLE Of Your Discomfort,’ Nurse Pleads
The Marijuana Superweapon Biden Refuses to Use: Legalizing marijuana is extremely popular. So why won’t Joe Biden embrace the idea?
How Biden’s Foreign-Policy Team Got Rich: Strategic consultants will define Biden’s relationship to the world.
Time for the West to Embrace Chinese Industrial Policy, Not Eliminate it
Top Trump official makes a mockery of teachers’ concerns about reopening schools safely
New York Is Ending Its Lockdown. I’m Not Sure I’m Ready to End Mine.
Here’s Why LA Can’t Keep Up With COVID Test Demand
Why a Biden Administration Shouldn’t Turn the Page on the Trump Era
Early Research Links Coronavirus Gun Sales Surge to Increased Shootings
E7201. The Epidemiology of Viruses, Spring Semester, 2042
Use cases/sample searches of MicroBIGG-E
Meet the sturdy D.C. 107-year-old who survived the Spanish flu, then COVID-19 (“When she was younger, 102, she wrote a book.”)
We Don’t Need Cops to Enforce Traffic Laws. The law invented the concept of officer discretion so white drivers could get fewer speeding tickets. If we want to have fair and equitable policing, we’ll have to get over our hatred for speed cameras. (yep)
Storied apparel brand Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy as it seeks a buyer and closes dozens of stores
The Coronavirus Emptied D.C.’s Museums. Will They Ever Return To Normal?
Why Arizona is suffering the worst Covid-19 outbreak in the US (my take on Arizona here)

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