Links 7/11/20

Links for you. Science:

Updated analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variant D614G in the UK: evaluating evidence for effects on transmission and pathogenicity
A tiresome SPAT (about aerosols and droplets)
The only catfish native to the Western U.S. is running out of water
Neanderthals and Covid-19, beyond the hype
The Science of Mask-Wearing Hasn’t Changed. So Why Have Our Expectations?


No, DC Statehood Won’t Lead to Permanent Senate Majority for Democrats
Will We Be Hostages to Drug Makers’ Covid Vaccine Pricing? The United States is the only developed nation unable to balance cost, efficacy and social good in setting prices.
Representative Barbara Lee: ‘Defund the Pentagon Budget’
Is Anyone Watching Quibi? The streaming platform raised $1.75 billion and secured a roster of A-list talent, but it can’t get audiences to notice.
Socialists Are Beating Jeff Bezos in Seattle (Again)
Contact tracing is a race. But few U.S. states say how fast they’re running.
An NFL Name Change That Has Been a Long Time Coming
‘We Are Not Even Beginning to Be Over This Pandemic’: CDC Deputy Director Anne Schuchat did something really radical. She told the truth about Covid-19 in the US.
Why I won’t be flying any time soon
The Post Pub survived D.C.’s ups and downs for 43 years, but it couldn’t survive a pandemic
Business Owners Say the City is Spoiling Outdoor Dining With Exorbitant Insurance Requirements
How to Confront a Racist National History
No Coronavirus Spikes Have Been Linked To D.C. Protests, City Says
Some say Northern Virginia’s jump to Phase 3 of reopening threatens region’s progress against virus
‘Black Homes Matter’: Advocates Urge D.C. Officials To Prioritize Housing In 2021 Budget
The Working Class Is Bearing the Brunt of Catastrophe—Again—With the Pandemic
The Biden Plan to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Prepare for Future Global Health Threats
As America struggles to reopen schools and offices, how to clean coronavirus from the air
Why the U.S. still hasn’t solved its testing crisis
Reopening Schools Was Just an Afterthought: Americans found out the hard way that education is essential infrastructure.
The Proxy War Over a Top Biden Adviser: Deputy CIA Director Avril Haines restricted drone strikes and helped thousands of refugees, but enraged the left over torture. What does her rise mean for a Biden presidency?
Why Do the Rich Have So Much Power? Americans may be equal, but some are more equal than others.

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