Links 7/9/20

Links for you. Science:

A ‘Viral’ New Bird Song in Canada Is Causing Sparrows to Change Their Tune
One U.K. trial is transforming COVID-19 treatment. Why haven’t others delivered more results?
It’s Not a Snake, but Beware of Its Venomous Bite. Animals called caecilians may have been among the first vertebrates on land to lace their bites with venom.
Can an Algorithm Predict the Pandemic’s Next Moves? Researchers have developed a model that uses social-media and search data to forecast outbreaks of Covid-19 well before they occur. (paper here)
Australia Has a Flesh-Eating-Bacteria Problem: In the beach towns south of Melbourne, everyone, it seems, knows someone who’s been attacked.


How Schools Work: A Practical Guide for Policymakers During a Pandemic (really important)
The Trump Administration Is Giving Up on Fighting the Pandemic (taco-bowl eating surrender monkeys)
Colleges Face Rising Revolt by Professors
The big factor holding back the U.S. economic recovery: Child care (this is why the policy framework erected by AEI and adopted in the mainstream is so disastrous. We needed to crush the curve first, then worry about reopening)
What Are Art Galleries For? Three artists on the future of the gallery system after Covid-19.
The Statue Donald Trump Has Overturned
If you can’t get to a national park, appreciate their beauty with these 11 photos
Maya Moore for the Win. Jonathan Irons finally walks free thanks to the efforts of the all-time basketball great.
A DNA Mix-Up Involving a Washing Machine Kept a Man in Jail for 3 Years. The Louisiana case highlights how prosecutors and crime labs withhold key documents from defense lawyers, keeping some defendants in custody for months or years.
A small Missouri city thought it had dodged the coronavirus. Now, it’s hitting home.
How to Make Defunding the Police a Reality. For the past half-century, American cities have spent more on policing each year. All of a sudden, nationwide protests have put divestment on the table. (note the parts about D.C.’s Mayor Bowser)
Is Congress Ready For QAnon?
Some Canadian businesses want to let Americans back in. Most Canadians don’t.
Hospital ratings often depend more on nice rooms than on health care
Sean Doolittle sees sports as a reward America hasn’t earned yet
Pro sports are returning in bubbles, but bubble soccer popularity is growing
Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families, new analysis shows
Donald Trump Has A Secret Plan to Win (Seriously)
California rejected Chinese company’s push to help with coronavirus testing. Was that the right move?
The NBA’s Reopening Is a Warning Sign for the U.S. Economy
Trump’s newest assault on America’s public schools: They teach kids to ‘hate their own country’

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