Links 7/7/20

Links for you. Science:

Until I created this map, I hadn’t appreciated how bad the situation in the US is. These maps show districts with over 50 cases per 100k in the last week (Germany’s “emergency brake” trigger for local lockdowns)
The weird, colourful garden where CERN’s obsolete particle detectors enjoy their quiet retirement
Suppression of a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in the Italian municipality of Vo’
Early Herd Immunity against COVID-19: A Dangerous Misconception
‘It’s really hard to find maintainers…’ Linus Torvalds ponders the future of Linux


The Meltdown Crisis (“Some meltdowns are rooted in what COVID revealed to many people: they have a class position and it isn’t what they thought it was.”)
Official U.S. coronavirus death toll is ‘a substantial undercount’ of actual tally, Yale study finds
Popular Pro-Trump ​Digital Strategist Made Racist Comments on a Secret Twitter Account
A Massive Wave of Evictions Will Probably Hit Washington Next Month
How the American Worker Got Fleeced. Over the years, bosses have held down wages, cut benefits, and stomped on employees’ rights. Covid-19 may change that.
‘PizzaGate’ Conspiracy Theory Thrives Anew in the TikTok Era. The false theory targeting Democrats, now fueled by QAnon and teenagers on TikTok, is entangling new targets like Justin Bieber.
Oregon State Police don’t wear coronavirus masks as they patronize Corvallis coffee shop, despite governor’s order (acab?)
Coronavirus Brings American Decline Out in the Open. Without fixes for infrastructure, education, health care and government, the U.S. will resemble a developing nation in a few decades.
Refusing to Wear a Mask Is Like Driving Drunk. Republicans talk a good game about “personal responsibility.” It’s time for President Trump’s supporters to actually display some.
The Voting Disaster Ahead: Intentional voter suppression and unintentional suppression of the vote will collide in November.
Why does this government get away with murder?
Gay People Are Being Murdered in Chechnya. Why Aren’t We Talking About It?
Tom Cotton’s Argument Against DC Statehood Is the Same One Racists Have Always Used. Or, why it took New Mexico 62 years to become state.
The RNC Is Paying a Former Apprentice Hand Accused of Having Trump Dirt
Standing Their Ground in Well-Manicured Yards. The Trump presidency has been a literal call to arms for excitable whites who view nonwhite people as inherent threats (“…the genius of the modern firearm is that even the inept can use it to kill. It’s like the presidency that way.”)
Why Surviving the Virus Might Come Down to Which Hospital Admits You. In New York City’s poor neighborhoods, some patients have languished in understaffed hospitals, with substandard equipment. It was a different story in Manhattan’s private medical centers.
Why the lopsided House vote in favor of D.C. statehood was so historic
This is how you lose a culture war
Young People Really Don’t Like Donald Trump. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the Republican Party
Researchers expected ‘outrageously high’ discrimination against Black renters. What they found was worse than imagined
The U.S. job market is still in very bad shape. Just wait until the fiscal time bomb goes off. (obvious, but true)

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