Tell Brooke Pinto

While this, at the corner of Q and 13th Street NW, might seem to be just random defund the police chalking, it’s actually pretty smart:



“Brooke” refers to Brooke Pinto, D.C.’s Ward 2 newly-elected Council Member. And this is right outside her house (it’s across the street, if I’m not mistaken). The point isn’t to force Pinto to change her mind directly, but to do the kind of drama that forces the issue.

So, how about it, Council Member? I live in Ward 2 and have never missed an election. Brandon Todd likely went down, in part, because of his calls to increase policing in Ward 4. Because we do have to balance budgets at the state level, there’s an opportunity cost here.

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  1. adameran says:

    Don’t miss this story about the history of the police

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